Zoom TV Episode 2 – Kia Cerato

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andrewkimpton says:

Isn’t a Cerato a small car class, not medium?

ericj305 says:

This guy does great reviews. Too bad too many American auto journalists
focus on “performance” even when writing up econo cars.

loyalqueen says:

great review, thank you!

Mrjeepguy07 says:

I agree, it seems that all American auto reviewers focus on preformance
above all else. I live in the States, but I tend to look at the overall
specs of the car, style, afforabillity and then preformance. I wish we had
more people like this in the States. By the way, the Kia Forte as it is
called over here is also avalible in an SX trim which includes a 2.4L four
cylinder that put out 173 hp, and 32 mpg on the highway. When equiped with
the 6 speed auto. Is that an available option over there?

Loquitoporti bla says:

this is a nice looking car!! they should make a 1.8L to bring the average
L/100Km to 7 then I would buy one! who cares about the 115Kw! my 95 mazda
323 is the same size and has 95% of the equipment of this car and does

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