The new Kia Sportage

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al liuk says:

piece of shit

Fat Halimi says:

Best design best car **KIA SPORTAGE** i cant wait to have this carr

mutetender says:

Dear KIA Korea,
I purchased my AWD 2014 Sorento and after only the first Kms.5000 I started
to have problems with the gear shifts. Who’s fault is it? Is it my fault I
bought your Sorento or WHAT!? I feel like you stole my money. Other buyers
should be careful. Your 2014 Sorento has gear problems. Maybe other cars as

tunedpuma says:

wow 7 year off warranty , but 7 years that you are forced to go the kia
dealer once a years and this is if you do not have any problems….. and
lets say tthat kia cars may be better from 5 years ago but they still have
a lot of problems and issues….. i do believe only people with no brains
buy a kia…..

mutetender says:

I do agree with you Mr.Bob. I went to the dealer and complained. He said
there is nothing with the gear. They lie Mr.Bob. The second time I
complained I heared from the staff working there that other people came
complaining about the same issue with the gear; for Sorento 2014. They took
my crap 2014 Sorento and the keys to change the computer. Ha!! I will be
given new keys!! Mr.Bob you don’t buy a new car to have all these! KIA
didn’t build the gear well. They are cheating. I don’t want new Keys or new
computer for the car!! Kia refused to give me a written report so that I
can go to the court. I only have the net to tell the truth so that others
know REAL KIA.

Carlo Bari says:

The Prius records mileage automatically without setting anything. I don’t
have to manually compute anything. 55 MPG every trip. You don’t get
anywhere close in any KIA.

joako2706 says:

Bob your reviews are excellent,sensible and very informative without
unnecesary drifting,screeching tyres,etc.However I don’t like this whole
SUV concept,less a Korean one.

Cruzin Streets says:

I wonder where he walks to at the end

Trent Fergus says:

Sorry for my rude language, I hope I didn’t hurt your feelings. But it’s
the holidays for my school!

kr4sus says:

Thanks for your reply! In my country they have the same millage year
warranty, only that hyundai offers free road assistance in every country
that there is a hyundai dealer. I know that they are made in the same
factory and have the same engines but as a cunsumer i always doubt :) so my
question was more in terms of build quality, ride quality. consumption for
1.7 diesel at both cars. Maybe i am just being picky :) Thanks for your

Bob Flavin says:

It’s in the can as they say, I’ve had the car and the video will be out
over the coming weeks

Thomas Foo says:

Hi Bob, need a sincere answer from you… between the Kia Sportage and ASX,
which would you buy?

Bob Flavin says:

Thank you!

John Smith says:

Hi Folk’s, after this review I purchased a sportage and I’m so glad I did.
The power the ride the finish is first class. Negative feedback im sure is
from rivals as I cant find a thing wrong with this car.BMW owners have to
put this car down in order to justify spending $20000 more. I had a BMW and
this measures up without a large service bill. At least drive it before you
judge it.

arfer says:

Do Sportage owners look over their shoulder when walking away after
parking? You bet we do.

Bob Flavin says:

Good choice!

Lubomir Kolev says:

Thank you for the answer, Bob!The only thing I might consider irritable is
the red light on the radio…ix35 has it in blue,which in MHO is fantastic
and more relaxing

Shaurya Gautam says:

I went to the dealer last year to take a look at this and things turned out
to be very unpleasant. Nothing wrong with car just that the dealers’ staff
were racist assholes.

dankab123 says:

I always find myself looking at my kia’s reflection in windows all the

Carlo Bari says:

KIA radios suck. I owned one. They sound like a 1960′s transistor radio.

whigwood says:

Test one when it’s got 60,000 miles on the clock. Now that’s a REAL test.

Jhony Maldonado says:

Between Kia and IX and Ford.. The Jetta of Volkswagen is better

dukacosmic says:

Just a week ago i received mine 1.6 gdi. My family was getting bigger, so
we decided to go with urban SUV. Coming from Passat CC i never tought that
i gonna end up in Kia, or any korean car. Then i started lurking on YT for
some reviews and ended up on yours Bob. What to say that was not already
told… Keep up the good work, and i’ll keep watching your channel. ;)

Bob Flavin says:

Hardly a fair question, the Q3 starts at 34,380 and the Sportage starts at
26,025 Irish prices, over 8k of a price difference. Taking price out I’d
have the Sportage for the looks and kit.

zed pizza says:

what i like with this guy is his honest reviews.he is not one of those
reviewers who jump on the bandwagon.he makes his own personal review.well
done mate

Bob Flavin says:

Depends on what country you’re from, everyone pronounces words differently.
I’m sure both pronunciations are correct

Bob Flavin says:

I have to admit, I haven’t driven any Subaru cars this year because they
don’t have any but as for the others. The most refined is the Tiguan, the
most powerful is the CX-5 with 2.2 diesel, best looking and best compromise
of the lot is the Sportage and the worst by a long shot is the Quashqai,
it’s a bit long in the tooth now and rather boring to drive.

Bob Flavin says:

In Ireland there isn’t all that much of a difference from our mid range to
top, it’s mostly cosmetic. You should get all you need in the mid range
model, enjoy the car I’m sure you’ll love it

matt vuga says:

Carbuyers no1 you no2 hehe bat you working alone no cameraman end girls :)

kr4sus says:

Hey there Bob, I was trying to find a review of hyundai ix35 made by you
but failed. Can you tell me if you have made one and i would kindly ask for
a comparison between these two. Your point of view. I sure have loads of
questions in between and maybe share them later. (not planning to bother
you atm :) ) Thanks in advance.

CourierA2Z says:

Have to agree with other comments on here Bob, your enthusiasm and the fact
you cover the points that real owners care about, puts you way ahead of
other reviewers! Checked out the Sportage after seeing your review, got a
2009 Qashqai at the moment, the mid range spec ( “2″ in the UK ) does make
the most sense. The only downside is that my favourite colour “dark gun
metal” is only available on the top spec “3″ model :(

MLaak86 says:

Aha okay. I was quite curious about them – especially since I tend to see a
lot of Tiquan, CX-5 and Duallis/Quashqais around but no so many Sportages.

Bob Flavin says:

Optima review out soon

Carlo Bari says:

Punk. Go back to school.

northstar1950 says:

I have recently bought one, they are really nice to drive and I think this
is a very fair review, refreshingly different too.

gary blake says:

i have a 2011 sportage i love it

KTSD2012 says:

Is the Nissan Qashqai not the best selling of this type of car so why would
you say the sportage is the reference version. If I had the money, the Kuga
looks a better driving option.

Rudy Da Costa says:

A very awesome review Bob! Which of the crossovers you tested has the best
access to the rear seats? Because I am looking at one of these vehicle for
my mom and dad who are 52 and 67 years old. I am disabled so I need a
crossover vehicle which has wide doors and easy access to the back seats.
Which engine should we go for? We do mostly town and city driving.

6363alb says:

Fantastic review Bob First saw it two weeks ago went to the kia garage the
next day test drove it and bought one. What a brilliant car. Thank you

Bob Flavin says:

@mickatmp You bought a great lucky you! Is it the 4wd version?

fuck you says:

nice review

Carlo Bari says:

An alien Irishman selling a KIA? No Americans wanted the job!

mohamad Badran says:

Hi Bob,please can you tell me whats the color of this sportage.Is it Sirius

deckers1 says:

My Sportage arrives in 2 weeks. After buying it, I checked out online
reviews, some great, some not so great (Top Gear, bunch of contrarian
snobs). Then I found this. Simply the most unpretentious, straight talking,
genuine and believable video review one who could ever hope for. Thank you
for that. Now, I feel better and pretty excited with my choice. It isn’t
about the rally track or the point one of a second, it’s simply about the
love of a beautiful car which does it’s job. Cheers.

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