The new Kia Picanto review

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We went along to the Irish launch of the littlest Kia but now we got a full test with the car. As Kia go from strength to strength what is the Picanto really…


Hamoud hamoud says:

Is this kia picanto better than hyundai i10 ?

Siddique Jamali says:

sunroof?? and u didn’t show voice over system…

Boss Chen says:

maybe i will buy one,,,i mean a used car picanto in Phil. what do u think

Muhammad Danial Aswad says:

I love it

hexhamman says:

1 litre 3 cyl very flat up hills had 3 cyl Peugeot which flew up road but
a great car otherwise i got one…

Suzuki Mobil Indonesia says:

The New Kia Picanto Review #AllNewKiaPicanto
#NewKiaPicanto #KiaIndonesia 

Viv Taylor says:

I’ve had my Picanto for nearly 2 weeks now! His name is Jim and he is
awesome! Such a great little car!! Everything is smooth, the heater is
quick to heat up or cool down. Brilliant! Love it! :D

s1003263 says:

Great review, thanks. What would you chose between the Picanto and the VW

MultiDean75 says:

Great review! Just paid deposit for ex demonstrator’s . Did you notice the
slightly ” grabby” clutch and the insanely eager brakes? That aside, I
completely agree that it’s an amazing drive and we’re sure we’ve made a
good decision. Our salesman has the choice of many larger and presumably
more luxurious models, but has chosen the Picanto three times! If that’s
true, and not just sales patter, then a pretty good endorsement .

Viv Taylor says:

I test drove one of these on Monday, the 3door ’1′. The clutch and gearbox
were smooth as silk (I thought I was going to stall it having been used to
a 10 year old KA’s clutch and gearbox but I didn’t) the brakes are very
responsive and as a result are “Grabby” they came in very handy when I had
to stop suddenly for an ambulance speeding around a round about. Have to
say I felt extremely safe in this little car I am VERY excited to get my
brand new one hot off the production line in September.

Bob Flavin says:

@MultiDean75 It’s true that the Picanto is a great little car. The clutch
and brake thing is something you get used too. It’s the weight of the car,
when there’s less car to stop the brakes do a better job. There is a light
clutch in it and the bite is very easy to find. That said, I jump in and
out of cars so often I get used to all kinds of brakes and clutches. Well
done and keep between the hedges.

Bruno Semedo says:

My opinion is that they are quite good! I drive Picantos the whole day (the
company has 18!). Ergonomically speaking (and using my opinion has a
physiotherapist) they are also quite good.

Pamela Dixon says:

I’ve just bought one on HP brand new its a great little car cheap to run,
free tax plus the seven year warranty. It’s got the iPod doc inside too my
mistake was not getting five door as its a bit annoying getting my son in
the back. They is absolutely no boot space either. Oh nice review best on
this site.

filoIII says:

I just wonder about the reliability of the Hyundais/Kias. I like the Rio,
but who knows if they’ll last 250k miles.

gsxkatana says:

Definitely the best car review channel on Youtube. What about the choice
between Picanto or Chevrolet Spark?

NanaDarkmanFans says:

nice review

mmgironi says:

Precisely what I was saying, in 7 years time any piece will wear out, no
matter the brand. Since they do not change wore out parts, there is no
point in a 7 year warranty when usually after 4-5 years you’ll change them
with your own money since the warranty doesn’t cover it. This is why I look
at the car first, at its performance second, its commodity for third, and
lastly at the warranty, cause no matter what you do, 9 times out of 10 you
wont even benefit from your warranty.

Bob Flavin says:

@grgfourtinas Thanks very much, I’m glad you like it!

Bob Flavin says:

@benny5825 If only I was a sales man I might make some money from the
videos :) It is genuinely how I feel about the Picanto

Bruno Semedo says:

Very good review! I drive Picantos every day and I agree with basically
everything that you say. The steering is not the most fun to do sharp turns
(even if it very easy to handle) and it is one of the very few negative
points with this car. Have tested the “new others” (Up and Citygo) and they
are good, but the Picanto still feels like a better car in general.

Dirk Decay says:

Picanto. 5 years more guaranty then the vw, much more features for your

Bob Flavin says:

Mazda 2 is slightly bigger and a bit more fun to drive in petrol version.
Picanto is cheaper and has a longer warranty. I’d buy the Picanto just
because I like driving it as a daily car.

Bob Flavin says:

Easy, Picanto please. Chevy aren’t that good at the small cars in Europe.
They just don’t have it yet, I’m sure they’ll get better but I’d rather
have the Kia

MrSpartanmyth says:

I´ve watching your reviews and find it to be very good, honest and direct
to many of my common points of interest, so keep up the good work..My
question to you would be if you would buy this picanto 3cly or the peugeot
107/citroen C1/toyota aygo, same type of use for the city/town mainly, due
to the fact that the engine is a toyota and gear box on all three would
give me a little more comfort in knowing that…but engines aside what do
you think?

Desmond Tan says:

nice review guy…keep it on…

Bob Flavin says:

Fabulous, I’m delighted for you. It’s a great little car and Jim should
serve you well for many years. Keep it between the ditches!

Bob Flavin says:

Glad to see my videos getting far and wide! The Picanto here is one of the
most affordable in the segment, I’m not hearing about problems in the first
year of ownership either so you must be doing a good job building them.
Thanks for watching!

Hyun-Kyung Shin says:

I’ve also today bought one in this color! :D

Van Delima says:

Brilliant review bob. I like ur style..truly honest. thanks fr the help in
making me decide fr the right car.

mmgironi says:

car warranties generally only cover mechanical damage, and not damage from
over-use/extensive use. In fact, when my cousin brought his kia picanto 5
years after having bought the car to change his gear box and his weel axel
he was told that the warranty didn’t cover damage caused by extensive use.
So I ask, what is the point of a 7 year warranty if the parts are only
changed if not damaged by use? Personally the last thing I look at is
warranty, Kia picanto is a decent car though.

benanderson89 says:

I’ve been considering getting a Picanto or a VW Up recently as my next car
and this review has just tipped it over the edge for me in favour of the
Kia. The 1.0L engine seemed to handle itself very well on the motorway in
the video – so the 4 cylinder 1.25L should be more than enough for me (0 to
62mph in about 11.4 seconds I think, same as the 1.4L Nissan Note lease car
I’m currently driving). Definitely considering getting it in white with
black wheels!

Viv Taylor says:

I’m thinking about getting this car and I’ve heard the clutch and brakes
take some getting used to. As they’re quite sharp and grabby? Did this take
a while to get used to?

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