SEAT Mii vs Kia Picanto vs Citroen C1 Review – Drive Start

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The budget city car sector has never been more competitive and now there are three new motors in the form of the Citroen C1 (same platform as Peugeot 107/Toy…


Stamatis Kritikos says:

Very professional review and comparison of the three cars! Thank you

Tom Woolley says:

I’ve watched this video before, but I still find it interesting. Not only
is it good to have these 3 cars, the best in their market in one video, but
so too is the reviewer and commentator, with his relaxed but realistic and
professional viewpoint. I feel as if I can trust what he says. One message
to the Toyota-Peugeot-Citroen group, bring out a new car to compete with
the likes of the Mii and Picanto! The C1, 107 & Aygo was once the new kid
on the block, with funky styling, cheap building and servicing and young
appeal, but it needs a replacement. The 106 ran from 1991 to 2003, and the
107 from 2005 until now. Presumably, we can expect a 108 (?) within the
next 36 months.

Mike Smith says:

Check out the VW warranty. 2 years then you are expected to purchase year 3
from your dealer direct. Cheeky eh. Compares badly with Kia me thinks.

Vitali Englin says:

I like that seat mii

NoneOfMeHaveDID says:

The best video I’ve seen on this channel. For the type of cars, maybe the
basic versions would have been more interesting, though, but you covered
the main contenders in the class. Well done.

YG Perez says:

They basicly took the short commings and made those better. But still they
can’t beat the fuel efficiency. The reviewer should also watch the option
list better as you can get a cover for the glovebox.

Tom Boros says:

I’ve ordered citigo with semi-auto, happy that mii came out as winner.

renzoqu says:

with kia you dont go to mechanical… no?

mrsidburnar1 says:

So sexy tanned

FaNaTiKblok19a says:

PICANTO hands down!

İlker Erol says:

I hate the steering Wheel, it looks like a clown smiling at me all the
time. Scary! Mii or Citigo has simple design but it gives confidence to
driver i think. C1 interior is very bad and looks like a toy car. Seriously
Mii has great handling like a Go-Kart. I think Vw is Vw so i would pick

mrsidburnar1 says:

Oh sexy

Yung Chan Jin says:

Don’t even try to compare Kia Picanto with other cars. Neither seat mii,
nor citroen c1, nor volkswagon up can be his competer. Kia picanto is the
best choice. 7 year warranty, great design, awesome performance, plenty of
convience options, and also 5★warranty..

inserter400 says:

mii looks very hot!

mrsidburnar1 says:

C1 is best car

DriveStartTV says:

Cheers for the feedback. I did want to keep with the basic versions but it
can be hard to get base spec cars from press fleets, we did previously do a
review of the Picanto 5dr in base spec. As I could not get all cars in base
trim I decided it was best to just go top spec across the board so as not
to complicate the comparisons.

DriveStartTV says:

Good stuff I think the Citigo might be the best looking one of the 3 (UP,
Mii) and as a bonus it comes with its own mo for Movember.

DriveStartTV says:

Yep, the string missing from the parcel shelf is pretty poor and I think
this is something that will change with customer feedback in time for a
facelift. This Mii was fine with the gearbox it actually was very good but
I have just looked on the Up! forum and seen people talking of noise issues
with transmission but dealers appear to be sorting it though…

Arsenio R charles says:

Picanto is best car

bittu butt says:

i ordered a seat mii 44 kw automatic and they said that i ll reseave it
after 8 weeks :-(

DedicatedBox says:

I have a Peugeot 107 so its basically the same as the C1 and i got an
amazing deal £5,995 brand new which is a lot cheaper than top spec models
where really the only difference is running lights, ac, and electric
windows. You can get a genuine door for the glovebox in the c1 for around
20 pounds brand new like i have in my 107.

sang3Eta says:

How anyone can say the Mii is better than the new Picanto is beyond me! The
only other cheap car I would consider other than the Picanto, is the Panda
for more space, but yeah not as good looking from the outside.

Vitali Englin says:

so how is it a good car?

McWabbit says:

The Mii, Up, Citigo have saved money on some things that I personally don’t
like: No string lifting up the boot shelf; you’ll have raise and lower it
manually. String is expensive? No lamp in boot space.. And then I read on
several forums that in some cases the gearbox, which handles great
normally, have issues after about 1000 km like increased noise and getting
heavier. :/ The driving and handling are great though and the seats are
much better than any other city car.

Cruxalicious says:

I think it’s quite unfair to compare any of the Up triplets to the Aygo
triplets, considering those were taken as a benchmark to improve upon by
the VW group. That’s like saying that the T29 heavy tank would’ve been
better than the Königstiger (it wasn’t produced yet by the time peace was
achieved, but it was made to destroy the German tanks). Of course it would
be, it was made to counter it.

infineon1985 says:

I took the black pearl painting because it’s a Black Edition. It fits the
car just perfect in my opinion :-)

DriveStartTV says:

The interior of the Picanto is also not as good as that of the Mii and the
lack of steering feel makes it less fun to drive for those that like
‘sporty’ dynamics. If you’re not too fussed about those thinks though the
Picanto is not far off the Mii and future models will be even better.

Adrian Stavarache says:

Dacia Sandero it’s a better car

infineon1985 says:

There was introduced a changed gearbox in the 2013 models which is more
reliable. I got mine Up this week and i chose 4 year warranty so i dont
mind xD

ThisAccountIsDefunct! says:

Don’t worry, Mat Watson from CarBuyer also thinks the same about the
Picanto’s steering wheel.

Joao Vieira says:

For price comparison of driving confort, passenger’s and class Kia Picanto
wins. And it only loses for SEAT Mii in the bagage size just for a few

mrsidburnar1 says:

C1 is so sexy

DriveStartTV says:

Good deal for a new car as suggested in the video it would be worth a punt
if you were getting it for a decent price as it’s much less refined than
the other two but it’s about to get replaced probably next year. Pretty
shocking that the C1 as tested here in top spec VTR+ came with no door on
the glovebox as standard though.

Vitali Englin says:

what color did you take?

mero2050 says:

picanto is the best

miguel pérez says:

Picanto el Más lindo

ddrodwell1 says:

C1 is yesterday’s news. They are too common but the fuel is amazing even to
today’s standards but I’d still rather buy a slightly worse mpg for better
quality! Picanto it is!

kattemissen says:

A catalyst does not reduse CO2 emissions dumbass

mrsidburnar1 says:

Shit prick crap review crap company doing the review c1 is a fucking mint
car u fucking cunt go get fucked u prick

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