– 2011 Kia Sorento Road Test & Review

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Completely overhauled and redesigned for 2011, the all-new Kia Sorento boasts a fresh look and some cool new features. Host Emme Hall spent a week in the SUV…


heikki722 says:

Emme good vids keep em coming!

jwatwater says:

@khunopie if they could somehow hav a 3some w/ Jess theyd be the hottest
best car reviwers ever

FragNet0 says:

breath girl :-|)

WAllen says:

Always refreshing to see female car reviewers who know what they’re talking
about and like cars. She did a great job. Most female reviewers are like
“well it’s comfy, and when I push that thing on the ground it goes!”

Ge0vone says:

Bring back the previous girl

Josh G says:

I like her.

JUJIN1992 says:

Nice review, sticking here

veteq101 says:

Emmie, always entertaining. I keep finding myself watching reviews on cars
that I couldn’t care less about then. Keep up the good work.

William Radomsky says:

doue hala hala hala lame

ranier72 says:

Uh, hello? 1776 called, George Washington wants his coat back! lol! Great
review, looks like Kia is coming out with some stylish designs these days.

ConceptVBS says:

Thats right. The Sorento is built right here in West point, Georgia. My
neighbor actually works in the Kia plant!

Xthreeo says:

WOW! amazing review and a female reviewer seemed like a joke to me in the
beginning of the video but at the end I was proven wrong! great car and
amazing review!

lsolo says:

Betcha my sister is kicking herself now for rushing into a mini-van. Great
review, Emze!

fvgotch says:

@jere2511 you belong in KKK.

djhotdogboy says:

Cool review – I love your reviewing style!!!

datpimpinboy says:

I love this review and her personality!!

mountain885 says:

To much money for a kia

macancheezy says:

That jacket is sooo cool! Forget the car! :D

Bert Wouda says:

Move to a another country where they have diesels ( just joking ) I just
bought a few weeks ago a Toyota RAV 4 2012 2,2 turbo Diesel , it’s even
better then the Kia 2.2 R diesel and even more economical .

bottomlayer says:

@AlternativeUses yeah but those back seats don’t *really* count because you
can’t actually fit anybody back there!

zaqatala24 says:

@SCOLTEN96 avtomatdi da))

talldude123 says:

@countach27 Because she’s a hardcore Dyke.

VRTEGO75 says:

Double holla from St. Pepper. Yeah, I thought Emmie was heading in the
right direction. This time she’s talking so fast that she’s out of breath
and alwayatthesametonesotheresnodynamim… painful.

ngashful says:

u look nyc emme!!!

Terrance Marcus says:

bruh dat gas is high AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR DAT but really gas is really
high and why would you want to spend more than you alredy have to

Mike May says:

Continued review..i would not purchase this Kia Sorento, or any Kia..Not
reliable, based on reviews by car and driver mag, seems to be a cheap
version of a SUV, many problems on buying a used KIA, based on Car and
Driver mag, BUT, would buy a Kia over a pile of crap Suzuki.NOT, I would
rather buy “American” but, what in Hades do I know.

augpeh says:

@hallassracing549 Btw: There are some cars which have panoramic sunroofs
from the windscreen/windshield all the way to the last 1/4 of the car, so
what is it that makes the double sunroof so special?

datpimpinboy says:

@talldude123 lol yea i know, mine too

TonyTube407 says:

I wonder why Kia didn’t use their 2.0L Turbo engine, which has almost as
much HP but more torque? Not complaining, the Sorento is nice!!

olracsalvador says:

im starting to like her…

columbuscrewfan20 says:

Nice vid n car= :)

nforspeed91 says:

Who would actually want do “sporty” driving in this? I hate it when
manufacturer use the sport button as an after thought.

dulceypeligroso says:

The diesel is not available in the US, which is sad.

A Who Dat? says:

Great review! Kia continues to kick ass! Gotta give respect where respect
is due … now on to the Kia Sportage review by Roadfly …

will youare says:

Augh the devil is in your heart telling you that lie

datpimpinboy says:

@talldude123 lol yea i know, mine too

bwright1991 says:

The Torgue is useless in this car. It’s all at the top of the rev range

boomee78 says:

@apocyldoomer reveiw more there alot more reliable than you relize

Karina Montgomery says:

She is the best presenter! MORE EMME!

Arya Mousavi says:

Ema stop reviewing family boring cars get into a M3 or a sports convertible
and tell us about it

NickCO303 says:

Basically, an air mattress is gonna come exploding out of the side here,
which is gonna be very convenient when you’re laying on the side of the
road recuperating and waiting for help to come. Best. Line. Ever.

Bryan Lo says:

just wait ’til she reviews the porsche targas

potrebnifukec says:

unless you got kids, third row – not vey useful.

Kevbox2008 says:

Hey, Charlie, legend has it, probably the better part of a year ago,
Hyundai was considering either shutting down or selling Kia Motors some
time in 2011. I’m assuming they’re not because of vehicles like this one —
plus the fact that they just opened a new factory not too long ago. How
much of this rumor is true??

addan495 says:

worst person

Darryl Walko says:

so, if i’m between a Ford Edge limited and this Kia Sorento, which one
should i pick? in my opinion the Edge looks better, but not everything is
about good looking…someone pls tell me some advices :)

addan495 says:

worst person to review cars

45barber1 says:

This or grand cherokee?

roadflytv says:

Folks I posted the window sticker (Monroney label) over on Roadfly. We’re
going to start posting extra pics, window stickers, etc. in the RoadflyTV
youtube lounge whenever possible. -Charlie@Roadfly

SCOLTEN96 says:

kopeyuwaqi ele bil diloti yiyibee,baw beynim getdi lap

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