– 2011 Kia Optima EX Test Drive & Car Review

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mze7101 says:

Lol I love it when reviewer goes every detail to find things they dislike.
In this case this guy tries really really hard. Does anybody expect to get
soft touch grade A materials inside and out from 20k car? It was funny
though when he commented how he doesn’t like the steering wheel styling lol


+1 for the O’Reilly reference! Excellent review Ross.

moein22 says:

Thanks for your review, Roadfly reviews are my favorite videos but this
time I really do not agree about Optima’s acceleration that you mentioned.
I have driven this car for over 350 miles on regular gas, I could compare
this car’s acceleration off the line with V6 . It has a great engine. About
the price of this car, I believe it not that cheap too.

London_III says:

That was a great review. It wasn’t just a test drive with a 0 to 60 launch,
and he also did a very good job at explaining the pros and cons of this
car, as it measures up to other cars in the segment.

Loweyes34 says:

I Owned this car for 3days and it gets really bad city miles 18mph but
highways I got 36mpg and maybe it was me but it felt really sluggish but I
this that’s cuz I up graded from a 2009 Kia spectra sx so I use to sporty
oh and with the sum roof I had 1inch of head room and I’m 5″10 at the end
if the day I love Kia with all my heart that’s why I ended up with a 2011
Kia soul better than they look on tv

S Dave Haase says:

We have one and love it!

GokuThe Saiyan says:

Ross,just out of curiosity, how come we don’t see you guys reviewing some
super cars and/or pickup trucks???

Won-Ki Sohn says:

i would take this over any other midsize sedan except the sonata and fusion

JonesNanaz says:

This is somehow a biased review! since it is Kia, you don’t want to accept
that it is better than Altima! or other Japanese competitors!

mikeyle says:

the styling of the optima is at the top of the class but honestly as the
reviewer in the video said, the smart buy here is a camry or accord because
of their reliability and extra refinement. I would wait until a mid cycle
refresh to consider purchasing an optima, because this one is just missing
a few things here and there.

Butterz88 says:

@ExistUNDRGROUND don’t insult the scumbags! He’s a fucking retarded

bigbad1000do7a says:

Nice but ill never buy it. The Japanese cars are still some of the most
well made cars in the world and the price difference does not justify
buying an emerging and unproven car maker yet.

sanilj says:

Excellent review…as balanced as a honda fan can be. ;-)

khunopie says:

Ross, why do you like O’reilly and Sarah Palin?

Brian Strouth says:

Not fun to drive? PSH! i think it is. A very nice car! I love mine!

emmanuel brooks says:

Who cares about a Freakn steering wheel!

thugangel662 says:

Where is the Mustang Boss review!!? :(

GTfreak88 says:

the music doesnt fit the video…its kinda out of place

kalargyi says:

Sad for Budget shoppers, they thought about Kia and after optioned out, the
car is even more expensive than all the other ones, Thanks KIA, now no body
can afford your car.

Selova Serra says:


sergh8605 says:

you rock!!! you just make so much sence, and I have not know you sound like
a commercial. keep it going.

Pedro Teixeira says:

@fvgotch Yep… I thought the same! it didn’t sound like a “normal”
review… Saying it’s slow to 60 but one “other” that is 0.5s faster, is
ok… like you notice 0.5s in “real life”!

bokkey45 says:

This guy has to nitpick every little detail. The steering wheel looks fine
to me. In fact, the steering wheel is HEATED. How’s that for cheapness.
Also, who cares where the ipod connect is. I’m just happy to have an ipod
connect at all. Also, he talks about “luxury”, almost as if it’s a bad
thing. Maybe people want luxury at a decent price. Damn this guy doesn’t
know anything.

juukame says:

so the current design chief for kia and hyundai is Walter d;Silva? if so
that would explain why i really like the looks of kia and hyundai now, h

mountain885 says:

Sonata looks better dont dis agree cause the sonata looks really beter but
this looks nice especialy for the price but SONATA looks better so sonata
for me

madant1977 says:

Like you said, it’s an imitation. At least it has better looking wheels.

Triumph336 says:

Same goes for the 2011 Sonata … the steering wheel looks and feels
cheaply made.

Mohammed Jaffer says:

I think the next generation optima will definitely be more refined with all
the wheel/center console issues straitened out. Its always like that, it
takes time to refine a vehicle and they just redesigned this one –
hopefully they’ll have taken care of most/some of the issues in the next

quietguy1948 says:

I’ve got the Optima EX turbo… and it’s a great car. This young man needs
to do his homework.

HereOrDer says:

@tjstreeter lol

HereOrDer says:

Man… that car looks huge… he can barely see over the steering wheel!

Nicolas Chun says:

way look better than 2012 new Toyota camry~

flatblackstrat says:

@smp336 Camry sucks squirrel nuts. That’s the geezer mobile of geezer

tigerbalm says:

You are an idiot if you listen to O’Reilly!

bajabusta says:

“a WHOLE half second quicker….”? Isnt that an oxymoron? I can’t wait for
ross to nit pick this much w/ /his beloved Honda Civic 2012!

rkhrahmani says:

It was a great review…to the point.

Michael Wheeler says:

So…did they crash the Boss 302? Nice review btw.

smp336 says:

Accord, altima, fusion, forgot about camry lol Which is better, as in more
reliable and cheaper to maintain? A 2011 BMW 535xi or 2007 Lexus ls460? I
know they are not in the same class but the lexus is older and They both
have about the same fuel efficiency

Ch28Kid says:

+1 for the video -1 for the car.

igeekone says:

Jeez, KIA and HYUNDAI are not cheap imitations anymore. Every car in this
price class has some level of cheapness. Toyota, Honda, Nissan all have
more cheapness now.

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