– 2007 Kia Sorento Car Review

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Roadfly TV brings you its road-test and car review of the new 2007 Kia Sorento, a truck-based crossover SUV with offroad capabilities that beats out most of …



corkeyinspee says:

with the power and construction of komatsu digging machines.!!!

VIKTOKO69 says:


glamuroussky says:

Love kia! <3

perfoodleschnitz says:

Wow! SIX foot pounds of torque more! Because that makes so much
difference…You really are a dumbass.

zimbox123 says:

Korean cars have indeed IMPROVED alot rescently. I agree that models before
2005 are Krap, but now days they aren’t Bad. By 2010 it will be so much

Ranger4488 says:

Got one and love it…the end!

Muriness1 says:

KIA has a better waranty that TOYOTA and HONDA and they STAND BY THEIR CARS.

TJ Park says:

wow you really talk too much shit. the fact that the V6 has more horsepower
than the V8 was commendable enough but you just have to mention the V8 has
more torque? of course it does. i think it has 2 more cylinders for a damn
reason. i dont think u should be attacking that considering the sorento
costs THOUSANDS LESS. and of course, if you’ve seen recent achievements
with fit&finish in korean cars, you’d be QUITE surprised.

JakeHustle2 says:

KIA is not a great car like toyota and honda, KIA lacks the reputation that
toyota and honda’s have..

smukai2 says:

To get a point. Sorento is not that bad of a SUV, but it lacks alot of
quality, Its just that people buy them cause its Cheaper. for example, a
Toyota Coaster vs a Hyundai Minibus, Toyota costs 3 times more, but guess
what, those minibus die in 2 or 3 years of 12Hr/day use. And the Toyota
Coaster will last forever with only seals change every 250,000 miles

Muriness1 says:

KIA does make good cars, I own a KIA (2004 Kia Optima) and its very
reliable, saves gas and NEVER LEFT ME STRANDED. KIA does not have Toyotas
reputation BUT KIA has come a LONG way from what they used to be. and
TOYOTA and HONDA started off just like KIA did.

TJ Park says:

what truck is that?

ahmetsacar says:

walla off bune ve onur kardeşim bence siz anlamıyosunuz kia zirvede satış
rakamı olarak ama onurunda dediği gibi dandik adi ve hatta ötesi anlatılmaz

perfoodleschnitz says:

That’s news. Hyundai makes some of the best engines in the business. The
3.8 V6 is a seriously good engine. Hyundai makes extremely good engines. In
the Santa Fe we had for a week while our Camry was getting repaired after
the wreck, the 3.3 was the highlight of the vehicle, aside from the great
interior. The engine was a total gem. Drive one and you’ll be impressed.

perfoodleschnitz says:


Hugh Carmel says:

Wasn’t this guy on American Idol a few years ago?

ahmetsacar says:

sorentoyu sikeyim arkası H100 önü transit içi lada samara ulan bre
pezevenkler-kawatlar alo size sesleniyorum takozu lider yapan haywanlar
hepinizin belasını sikeyim bizim bi tanıdık vardı moloz bunla kaza yaptı
airbagı açılmadı bi cd çaları var sorunca hangi formatları çalıyo diyince
bakk gocummm hepsini çalıyo diyodu it ama track ı bile zor çalıyo araba
geri gitmez yokuşta nedenn?motora su kaçmış…bakk

jlearne says:

2009 Sorento LX is been redesigned.

jpenna1976 says:

You right, KIA cant be compared to Honda. KIA can do some offroad, but
Honda cant. Honda is just city 4×4.

Sivek1 says:

@Ranger4488 Would you recommend it for buy? Any issues? What is cool about
this car?

Daniel Kim says:

and Buying American or European cars kills jobs in Japan and Korea

smukai2 says:

Korean vehicles costs less, it means that you get lower quality materials.
For example. the plastic that it uses is the cheapest you can get, i really
don’t get why they compare it with a V8 4runner, sorento: V6
262hp@6000rpm,260ft/lb@ 4500 rpm 4runner: V6 236hp@5200rpm,266ft/lb@ 4000
rpm and V8 available The 4runner wins clear here,(Hp is not everything, if
you want to get all that force you need to rev high, Kia tried to add a car
engine in this suv, complete failure.

atocombabaya says:

agree 100%

watsuamaem says:

Hyundai, Kia have virtually got nothing to blame these days, actually the
best car money can buy,, but any other choice? you are simply throwing away
the best value option, period, Don’t be a fool to go by old stale name
brand, You can not afford to fool youself in the toughest economy now

PWR27 says:

i like kia my wife and i r currentley looking for a new suv i was looking
at the pontiac torrent or the chevy traverse i am a GM guy but both GM
vehicles start at 30k awd u get ur bang 4 ur buck with a kia but i think GM
builds better quality i use to work at kia in the service department but
like i said fully loaded kia at 30k and i do like the style of the sorento
i think we will be happy

perfoodleschnitz says:

Kia is not the same as Mazda. Mazda is mainly Ford, but Kia has no
connections to Ford Motor Company. Kia is owned by Hyundai and they share
vehicles. The Sorento is unique to Kia, as is the Spectra, Borrego, Rondo,
and…well, that’s it. The other vehicles share the same chassis, but
unique exteriors. Aside from the Sedona/Entourage.

Vahid Vakilian says:

so im going to change my v6 tucson to a 2008 or 2009 lx sorento

Shana Kim says:

Great looking car but a KIA for how much?

STRIKER520 says:

the 2007 has bad gas mileage I would go for a newer one if that matters to
you it only averages 17mpg

smukai2 says:

perfoodleschnitz. not only 6ft torque, Hyundai engines are weaker and lack

Daniel Kargarpoor says:

you can never compare Honda with kia. Honda just owns!

nikolastwelve says:

Thats true, even thought i own a sorento, i have to agree with you, but i
guess its a nice truck for city 4×4.. thats what i use it for.

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