Redline Review: 2014 Kia Sorento SX-L

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Classy good looks, available 7-passenger seating, and bountiful features within the cabin help elevate the refreshed 2014 Kia Sorento near the top of the cla…


Jonathan Washington says:

I hardly see this CUV on the road

Torrey B says:

Still wouldn’t buy a Kia, never will, but they are doing a much better job.
Improving every year. The one thing they are lacking on, however, is the
engine and transmission. 

daniel55645 says:

i rode in 2 kia’s ever and they both felt like they were made with
extremely cheap materials

Cameron Tu says:

Wow production quality of your videos have really increased!

Ryukachoo says:

ok now i REALLY miss the traditional 3theredline review style with the
handy cam.
i cant see much from that ONE camera perspective

RayzaBlayz says:

the outlander has 7 seats as well

DJEddieXZ says:

Liked the review until the back handed compliments came….

pedrof830 says:

All these Hyundai Kia vehicles get worse MPG’s in real world driving
despite all the engineering tricks and multi-speed transmissions. Honda/
Toyota still rule in this dept.

Brandon Friesen says:

Over designed. In 10 years, this will look awful. I like when automakers
have car designs as conservative because I won’t be embarrassed to drive it
after a while. Hyundai and Kia will learn.

NotARealUTubeAccount says:

13:58 I’ve owned mine for close tot two years and put over 95k on it and
still say the same thing every time I drive it. You literally cannot feel
the damn transmission shift. They nailed that part for sure. 

n777ua says:

Sorry, but it’s over styled. I would think “the majority of the population”
would agree it won’t look well in a decade from now. I like your other
reviews better, these are overly scripted, but if that’s what it takes to
take you to the next level, I’m all for it. 

fanowner12 says:

What’s that intro music? Love it! I love the Sorrento! It’s become a nice
midsized SUV!

bikephil says:

This must be an old review. Looks like you did the filming back in the
summer, based on the green grass and leaves on the trees.

Alex Chain says:

5:43 the noise that the touchscreen makes is an exact copy from ford
touchscreen.. and i know fords system is outdated. Kia is stealing designs
and features from other companies.. 

Alex Chain says:

last time i checked you don’t rest your elbows on a dashboard 4:24

kareem louis says:

duhhh its missing some of the features that “luxury vehicles offered” its
not a luxury suv…so saying this is pointless

Jeff Jones says:

Good review! Thanks.

Alim Felix says:

My neighbor has a 14 just like this one it has a rough ride compared to my
moms volvo xc90

Land Of The Free Media says:

Impressive review Sofyan. I can easily tell that +Kia Motors Worldwidereally stepped up to the plate on improving the Sorento on not just the
exterior design, but on inside of the interior alongside with some new
creature comfort additions too.
- Michael Land

kksome10 says:

I can’t hear your voice at all.

miguel sanchez says:

hi i dont see the pic

elevatorman247 Productions says:

Who makes your music? It’s fantastic!

Cameron Deyell says:

The footage isn’t showing.

Zach Travers says:

Would there be anyway you could do a review on a second Gen Sportage
(05-10). I would be interested to see what you’d have to say. lol

dlwilliams10 says:

audio levels are completely effed up

sengthor84 says:

4:45 anal log lol

Zohaib Malik says:

video does not show pictures

lordfear11 says:

my left ear wants to buy this car

DancinRandy54 says:

u have to do the grand cherokee next

2ΣpicGamingHD says:

You should test the 2014 Merc CLA 

Maytar Paz says:

Man.. I can’t watch it the music is strong then your voice and there is not
sterio… Sorry :|

Justinian Yi says:

Great review. However, your commentary is only playing through my left
speaker. I can still hear music in both speakers, but it’s just something
you guys could take a look at into for future uploads

troy donahoo says:

I love the way your doing all your new videos !

MacSaab93 says:

Finally gave a Korean the credit it’s due

Daniel Garza says:

2014 Nissan Rouge has a 3rd row seat option!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ascot Shark says:

I love these i’d love to own one someday. 

NurNordschleife says:

Fix the sound. Plzzzzz. 

Daen says:

My right ear is lonely. :(

Shubham Sharma says:

In my opinion my ford touch is better and ford is better in general

DRAGONIKification says:

nice car,love it

Stan Medianik says:

long music and no voice

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