Redline Review: 2013 Kia Rio SX

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Zach Payne says:

looks like they copied VW big time with the center stack design

Teeebs says:

Sedan? In a sub-compact? Why??

palebeachbum says:

The high price and hard, flat seat were complete deal breakers for me.
People buy subcompacts for a low price and the best possible fuel economy.
This car provides neither. As boring of a car as the Versa is, I think
Nissan is currently the only company that gets what a subcompact should
truly deliver. Top-notch fuel economy and a low price. It’s also one of the
most comfortable and roomiest subcompacts around. So don’t be so quick to
knock it.

Shobin Drogan says:

if you think that backup camera looks like an after thought, you should
check the aventador. – it looks like they cut the hole with a knife

Ako Jamal says:


Jadniel Ferrer says:

It works with a Normal usb ;)

alex joel says:

Sofyan could you help choose between a 14′ kia rio, 14′ ford fiesta, 14′
kia soul. I need a base model that’s good on gas and reliable. I have a 13′
Toyota yaris SE and now I have buyers remorse, It’s basically an econobox.
hope to hear from u soon ! thanx for sharing your reviews ! 

Brian Go says:

When are you going to test drive the new Forte?

bamac2008 says:

Going to go test drive the limited edition SX 6-speed hatch on friday..
local (and popular) KIA dealer here are giving great rebates on the few
they have

2theRedline says:

We’d say the quietest sub-compacts are the Ford Fiesta and Chevrolet Sonic

TheConcorden TC says:

It’s actually very quiet! I got one 2 months ago and trust me, it’s not
loud :)

n777ua says:

Audi’s laughing at Peter’s recreation of their A6 rear end.

Justin st.l says:

rav4 2013 can u do one on this pls

Hunter Jackson says:

Can u find a 06 to 11 kia rio

Jiraiya Gōketsu Monogatari says:

You should do a review of the Honda CR-Z. I think it is one of the most
unique vehicles in the market right now.

TheMetalmachine467 says:

I like the bloopers at the end

Serj Manoukian says:

российская версия

Chad Qualls says:

Keep up the work! Every review is getting better and better!

CWRT says:

I don’t care what people say, I love this type of vehicle. Amazing intro!

luigynkaren062011 says:

Sofyan what is going on where are the car reviews????

Chris Devlin says:

bias information

Brisk2124 says:

The Rio might of improve but its still UGLY!

Zach Travers says:

Can we just discuss how sexy those wheels are..

grifster981234567890 says:

Kinda missing the old un-professional style )’:

Rick Feeney says:

Dude the seats aren’t that hard! I mean they’re not made of plastic!! This
guy is a idiot

NotARealUTubeAccount says:

“It also com-promises the functionality as…” Hahaha

Dark0blivion says:

Do you have any plans to review the new 2014 Forte? I’ll be interested to
hear how you think it stacks up against the Civic or Focus.

HolidayKirk says:

If you stop watching the review after one second you basically get all the
info you need.

Oscar Diaz says:

Love the lawn mover bit Sofyan (:

pepisartori says:

love the Outtakes!!! haha very funny!!!!!

lukash kowcz says:

also could you do a review of the new mazda 6

sleepybird09 says:

don’t think the added weight of a few ounces to a pound will make much of a
difference. really don’t think you would notice a difference in speed or
mpg when compared to an ex cloth seat version.

av8trdme says:

It’s a better looking car than the Fit & Versa.

YouDontWannaFightMe says:

Those tailightd

Francisco Velazquez says:

Do a rallye dodge dart!

justin de'rique says:

Please do a review on a 2012 nissan altima 2.5 s w/ convenience package
(alloy wheels, bluetooth, etc)

123chunhou says:

Please do more Kia,Toyota or nissan and more baser models please

Creative Reviews Productions says:

Outtakes were a great addition

benjmiester says:

I think the gas mileage seems pretty crappy considering that the larger and
much nicer elantra and forte that get roughly the same as the corrected
figures shown here.

Gwanoa says:

I just got the weekly ad version and this thing reminds me of my 89 CRX but
larger! Honestly these type of cars should never have leather seats. The
added weight is just not what the car was built for or any subcompact. The
same goes for chrome rims. I do wish I had the push button start but that
is a dash replacement. Lastly I just can’t remember the time a subcompact
had usable power and was fun around the corners.

2theRedline says:

We are preparing to launch an all-new website on May 1st

TheOrangeCarGuy says:

wow that was really well filmed!

bmwmsport11 says:

I’m sure the Toyota chime and power folding mirrors wouldn’t be there if
the seats were soft lol. This looks good, but I don’t buy a car based on
features or value. As long as it is priced fairly and is proved reliable.

Joey Miller says:

Great review man, informative and unbiased. I just bought the SX new in

kareem louis says:

who is this guy?????? so unprofessional

david blum says:

great video. Quality is improving all the time, and you still keep it
informative which is the most important.

riseofhonor says:

fucking pruises

redman6657 says:

Nice video, Sofyan! Really well put together and well worth the wait. Can’t
wait for more videos, keep up the great work! Alex

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