New KIA Cerato 2013 sedan

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Longer, lower and wider than the current car, with an extended wheelbase, the 2013 Kia Cerato has an all-new bodyshell structure. The exterior features LED f…


LIm Te Pan says:

Mashuki :Cerato K3 price in Malaysia:RM99.8k for 1.6 litre version,RM118.8k
for 2.0 litre version~:)

Mashuki Heong Chi Kang says:

May someone know the price in Malaysia?

kevin jones says:

All of Kias cars look the same

myloveforeveryours says:

these car maker, has better design than many other car makers in its class.
better than japanese and USA, car makers.

Amro Moussa says:

Camry isn’t in the same category of Cerato. You should compare Camry to

Eng. Ayman fahmy says:

sure camry is better

Noryati Mohit says:

compare to optima for sure camry lose…useless car.expensive but spec like

ابو امير says:


535Sandro says:

Camry is better

ابو امير says:

بيع الفورد وخدها هههههه

hehsband58 says:

What the ugly ~

zanesmith666 says:

kia’s are made by monkeys in some sweatshop aren’t they?

Omer Khan says:

hey guys which color was good ??

Hang Jay says:

If I get one of these!

shadyonice says:

hyundai sonata same chasis as KIA K5, hyundai Elantra same chasis as KIA
Cerato. They just change the cosmetics.

Jhonatan zavaleta sanchez says:
Peshawa Saeed says:

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