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day3002 says:

yes do 2014 review… they did some changes to new model. I am considering
buying that car perhaps next year.

CE11SCAN says:

really feelin kia at the moment the range is really nice and 7 year
warranty is really good i think the sportage looks brilliant keep up the
good work kia and carbuyer :)

Sam Garters says:

my aunty has just bought the second generation kia sportage and it is one
of the best suv’s ive ever been in!

Theo Harrison says:

I actually like this more than the quashqai

Allen Gardener-Haig says:

Please review the 2014 model. I hear its a vast improvement on this.

zheng jacob says:

Really wish I have 1 of these !!

qwertyqwerty2983 says:

Ford kuga?? Fukin British arse licking biased bastards

Miguel Sáez says:

as you saw the review going along, you get no surprise hearing they
cataloged it as the car for 2011

Harrysims3homes says:

Who makes Kia because I wondering if its reliable and long

MLaak86 says:

Not in suburban traffic – up, down, up, down, stop, start.

Un4givScap3 says:

Or buy a Forester

maltesephil says:

I like it

Shuffle3956 says:

You mean Subaru forester? haha

MLaak86 says:

Not in Auto.

kamil rusek says:


michal03966 says:

Just LOVE the looks of an orange version! FIts perfectly! Very cool!


bought a kia sportage 2011 model because of the review from matt from
carbuyer!! thanks matt! the 2012 carbuyer award didn’t hurt either, as well
as the value for money. now just a recently proud owner of one, 2.0 2wd

tanner87 says:

A great looking car, really liking Kia at the moment

rodrigo gdc says:

damn, that looks freekin good!

Ray Butler says:

I have one…and it’s great…except for the juttery feedback through the
steering wheel on sweeping bends at around 100kph…

Alexandra Sinclair says:

Used to be junk, not any more pal! Things have changed, you need to adapt
to new times, or you will fall behind times…

EasternBlocCars says:

the 2010-present Kia Sportage is assembled in Gwangju, South Korea Žilina,

DenverJohnBradley says:

or you could teach asian migrants in your own country and improve the
economy of your own country. :D

Treffer Tjie says:

Sony is better at photography ;)

fire1202 says:

Wow. This car is good at everything. I can even put down the rear seats to
make a bed so my… friend(s) and I can mingle and make the car jingle.

James Rebelo says:

this dude is hyper

AHMADF93 says:

I think I’ve been pronouncing ‘Sportage’ wrongly in my whole life. Damn

TuploaderMovie says:

Like more Chevrolet Captiva :)

59summerset says:

@iJunglehazel That’s funny. I recall him mentioning how good all of the
Fords are to drive. Where did you hear that from?

HesteBremse says:

Hate to say this, but it looks better than both the X1, X3, Q3 and Q5.
Maybe because i does not have to struggle so much with a long history DNA,
- Lines is simply a different and more modern unhindered approach to a
small SUV. Good Job KIA.

MLaak86 says:

Forester doesn’t destroy the Sportage – No diesel option.

maxthehulk says:

kia sportage is better than bmw x1

sanelaemin says:

u chump how much ford is paying u for camparing every car with ford.

MegaPolart says:

matt, could you please make a review about mazda cx5? bcos, i find myself
in dilemma between that mazda and this kia..

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