Kia Sportage Review

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The Kia Sportage is a crossover SUV, available in 2WD and 4WD variants. Going up against big competition such as the Ford Kuga, Skoda Yeti and the even more …


viva donbei says:

Korean car, not cool…..

jasewest says:

Comparing to a Range Rover Envoque? Oh come on? It’s nice but its not that

jerome fonseka says:


ahmed farag says:


Earl Howard Jeans-Seymour says:

My next car its on its way right now to me!!!!………….

Steven Bird says:

This car has been around a good while. Guys, please review it’s cousin the
Hyundai IX35 ;-)

MotorTorque says:

Lucky you should say that Will! We’ve got some really great cars coming up
including the Audi R8 we just shot. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the reviews as
much as we enjoyed the cars

al liuk says:

over priced piece of crap gutless poorly built awkward car /junk

Valdis Pratama says:

Sportage is a very good car!

MotorTorque says:

haha! Hopefully you’ll enjoy the review when it’s released.

gary blake says:

i also have the 6 with turbo ane here in the US we get a 10 year 100,000

Kent Marete says:

The best review presentation. good cool music at background, highlights of
all features. I have loved this KIA sportage its a great car affordable,
safe and this presentation awesome.

MotorTorque says:

Sorry Chris, hope that you see how Simon becomes more comfortable and still
give us feedback on reviews. Have you taken a look at the new website at

MotorTorque says:

Hyundai ix35 video will be up in a few weeks … have you been peeking at
our schedule ;)

Steven Bird says:

MotorTorque LOL! That’s good. I’m thinking of the IX35 as my next car. Nah,
haven’t been peeking, just psychic! LOL

TheStressD says:

Nice review.

MotorTorque says:

Hopefully you’ll be swayed Bobby as he becomes more comfortable infront of
the camera!

Bobby Haberlin says:

Don’t like the new presenter… He seems a little uncomfortable!

Will Evans says:

Seems like an honest review, picks up on the small details as well as
covering the usual considerations like engine size etc. Useful for anyone
trying to decide on a SUV. Just looking forward to a performance car review

MotorTorque says:

Thanks for the positive feedback hope you enjoy more of our videos

Alan Rea says:

Like the accent. Alan from Belfast

Nicholas Caldwell says:

Presenter seemed natural to me and not at all uncomfortable, certainly
sounded as if he believed what he was saying. Anyway, an objective and
useful review. Keep them coming!

Jeff Sullivan says:


gary blake says:

i have this car in bronze color i love it

Parker4321 says:

Sport aaaa ge!

Mohd Safwan Arabi says:

Where’s kris? Liked him better…

James Owen says:


kicksoffs says:

Irish people sound like barking dogs with peanut butter in their mouths. 

Earl Howard Jeans-Seymour says:

My next car its on its way right now to me!!!!………….

madant1977 says:

This sound like a paid add for a so-so car.

Vasile Manole says:

Crappy review… i don’t like this guy.

Christopher Fraser says:

I don’t like this guy. Sorry.

azsaad ahmed says:

كم السعر فى مصر

Kia Sportage says:

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