Kia Sorento Video Review — Kelley Blue Book

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FOR PRICING & SPECS ON THIS CAR VISIT: When it was first introduced to the US, the Kia Sorento featured a traditional SUV bod…


boy638 says:

the front lights looked exactly like those from the Lexus RX350

CarEnthusias Ber says:

i love sorento’s !! 2011 haha!!

TerminaorXX says:

i am planing on changing my Izusu Rodeo for one of these but still im not
sure IF KIA is worth it because never really heard any Good things from it
, cany anyone help me out

junkano says:

this car has got barely any options. i prefer ford s-max over kia sorento

johnnyboysuper1 says:

@TerminaorXX Note New KIa Sorento has motor and trans problems on the 2011
model and never will buy a new 2011 I was told by a dealer mechanic and I
was there to see two job at the dealer 1was the motor and the other was the
trans on the lift of the dealer I New Jersery………..And both SUV were
less than 1000 Miles….

boy638 says:

@lbryan250 a differential allows rear wheels to turn individually, and
during off-roading or on slippery roads the wheels will turn all over the
place reducing traction and grip. So by locking the diff, you get more grip
on these conditions! Hope you learn something here! :)

FLOCKAIRpilots says:

kbb has really stepped up their reviews.

Joseph Romano says:

Im getting a new car and were either getting this or a doge

BuffaloWarrior7 says:

I personally think Kia reverse engineers successful cars and then
outsources the labor… My .02

maxthehulk says:

@pccell300 me too

lance lanceislike says:

this is my rental car right now and this thing sucks… no matter what i
can never average more than 22 mpg’s on the express way. the only positive
is that it has a lot of passing power.

Ian Crosby says:

i kinda wished they put in some negative criticism so we could know what to
look out for

Rainier Uriel says:

Good! This car seems to be very sporty … I have a 2011 KIA Sportage This
is another car is more expensive than the Kia Sportage?? for me is 100,000
+ rs the price of my KIA Sportage was 86,580 Maybe in 2012 I purchased a
course of black just like black and dark blue … ^ .-

tony13498012 says:

at the end near the rear hatch it resembles the acura mdx

Carlo Piscasio says:

nice review kbb.

Kevbox2008 says:

I thought Hyundai was dropping Kia Motors in 2011 because it was a
financial strain. Apparently, that was just hear-say. Does this mean Kia is
here to stay or are they being sold or what??

MrBallcoozie says:

Please watch out on buying this car. It has a MAJOR MAJOR Transmission
problem. I recently bought this car and now i’m scared of what might happen
to my car. Google: “2011 Kia Sorento Investigated by Feds for Possible
Transmission Failure” it says everything about the transmission problem,
and i hope the car gets recalled so that the problem may be fixed. You
should be confident with the car you buy and feel safe in it. I feel
neither riding in this car now :(

info123net says:

kia has improved over the years and kbb also :D

maxthehulk says:

@Newfie00008 do you mean 500.000 km/h or just 500 km/h


KBB finally updated their review videos…

ACS402010 says:

Purchased my 2013 Sorento almost three weeks ago and I am very pleased.

Omar Drifter says:

nice doors

TheTruthRock says:

not the dodge~ if between only these two then i’d go for Kia

sdlausen says:

The new Ford Explorer will really put a hurt’n on this Kia. It excels over
this Kia in pretty much every category.

lupischuckle says:

I took one for a test drive last week and I was extremely disappointed by
the interior quality. The plastics were hard, the buttons felt cheap, and
the whole thing smacked of a rental car cost-cutting feel. I love the
styling, but the car feels like crap.

Mgilvan2002 says:

made in the usa, hell yeah

marapbrendler says:

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patrick jackson says:

idk why but i think kia should do more trucks and big suvs and hyundai stay
to their smaller suvs and cr=ars like luxury and sporty ones cause kia and
sporty dont go together

Everette Singleton says:

I miss the body on frame

Tanner Hagood says:

Reminds me of a Lexus RX

Bryan Lo says:

What is a locking differential???

Hummers222 says:

nice, but i like the ford explorer better

ers1027 says:

@tony13498012 like where? how are those two similar in the rear/ they’re
not even the same height or width. go to kbb and compare both of those with
the pictures and then please tell me how they “resemble” each other

Newfie00008 says:

DON”T BUY THIS CAR!!!!!!! I drove mine for less than 500 Kms before it
broke down. THe dealer has had the car in the garage for 7 days now (less
than 2 weeks old) and can not fix the problem……They are refusing me the
request for another sorento…….STAY FAR AWAY FROM KIA SORENTO!!!!!

swissmrkc says:

4:41 ha! funny the songs the reviewer listens too while driving the Kia,
whatever tickles your pickle kid.

sklarwkeelyg says:

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xdreiax says:

what yr is this

atljazzman says:

I’ve own my Sorento now for 2 years and it has been extremely reliable. I’m
not speaking for other owners, just myself. The customer service has been
extremely good. I’ve had some minor problems, but it was all covered under
their fantastic warranty and they even put me in a rental for 1 day which
was all required to get the parts in from the factor. I was somewhat
apprehensive about purchasing my Sorento, but I’ve been pleasantly
surprised by the reliability and performance of my Sorento.

Brad J. says:

@ihategeneralmotors have you noticed ANY of the new kias? most of them look
like that the forte optima and so on…….kia uses there own styling like
the tiger nose grill just like ford’s three bar grill

junkano says:

@Jessica141996 you hope? you should just know whether you got the money by
then or not

Dan Blunt says:

I had one. Its a piece of crap. Don’t buy

tony13498012 says:

@ers1027 well the mdx the 2007 one has similar disigns near the rear hatch

Hyunwoo Maeng says:

@TerminaorXX we had a sorento, the older one, and while the interior was a
bit crap. the power and 4wd capabilities were excellent, i heard this one
is good too. i highly recommend it.

ihategeneralmotors says:

headlights: straight from a toyota camry..

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