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TheHumanBeingofEarth says:

How did u took out the Melon..

Lebron says:

I cannot drive without some melons in the car.

EasternBlocCars says:

the 2009-present 2011–present (North America) Kia Sorento/ Kia Sorento R
(South Korea) is assembled in Hwasung, South Korea West Point, Georgia, USA
Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan

jexicon says:

kias are pieces of junk. lol

Victor Palencia Montes says:

full version is even better

MrFreeCookie says:

“All models get air-conditioning” – Yeah, because this isn’t 1985…

dracolnyte says:

how is he gonna get the melon out now? D:

bobo bob says:

Wow you guys only get a 7 years warranty on the Kia

ybgirl18 says:

Haha this guy is awesome!

LH287 says:

Is that the stig on the toy car??? lol

tepeke88 says:

No no no he has to do a review on the golf r! :)

Sam Maurice says:

wonder where he learnt to move his right hand up an down that fast? ;P 1:59

Cameron Fraser says:


iJayRedLIVE says:

how come the sorento is more expensive the the sportage. cause, in my
opinion the sportage is sexier

Miguel Relvas says:

The Stig :-D 0:36

XSunacX says:

@slugishcabbage “car buyer” sdrawkcab

Nicholas Smith says:

In America this is midsize/small

TheOne42 says:

MORE!!!!!!!!!! :D

TangoR34 says:

Yay, wierd objects are back! Try a watermelon next time

newmabreu96 says:

citroen c3 picasso

thudtheace says:

There are rear AC vents, they are located in the B pillars. and if you get
the 7 seat version more vents are located on the sills next to the back
windows. Cheers!

boy638 says:

the front resembles the Lexus RX 350

Friday24 says:

@slugishcabbage nice one :)

Quazi says:

I watch carbuyer’s videos even tho I don’t like the car at all :P The
review is just so good that it’s worth watching.

ruairik60 says:

Have you noticed kia and Hyundai name their cars after South American

skillbill83 says:

Finally someone else that stores bananas on the side door bins. i tought i
was the only one doing that.

rolex2223 says:

Fuck! Your not going, Banana crazy like Rebeca!!

Vadim Cucu says:

Please do a review on the NEW JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE !

ElectroRockerr says:

No rear AC vents?

Duron13 says:

And when he gave the car back to the dealer, the melon was still in the

LeoPhan1 says:

@aziz5627 The Fortuner is part of Toyota’s IMV project in Thailand, which
also includes the Toyota Hilux and the Kijang Innova (in Indonesia), It is
not offered in Japan, Europe, North America, Australasia, or China So
that’s impossible for Mat to review it

Kemuel Valdes says:

Ha! Where did you get all those fruits? lol. This is the most creative
video ever. Love it.

Yosoyke says:

How did you get the melon out of there ??

Anand Jobanputra says:


Ianmundo says:

thank God the boot has enough space to drive my RC car in!!! :D

andythewooferguy says:

Mat. have you turned vegetarian?

MacGyver920 says:

@AnthonyA293 ;)

Paul Choi says:

if you want to survive a car crash get a different car

EL FAKIR Mohamed Zakaria says:

No Sir! You are veeeryyy wrong! Recently I had a collision with a tanker
truck… If I had another car I’ll be deaaad!

slugishcabbage says:

@XSunacX haha yup well done :D

Crater777 says:

@mx5hong No, I’m not from US, I’m from Slovenia, EU. I thought people in US
”abandoned” large SUV in last few years, because of the consumption and
ecology and stuff. But looks like that’s not the case? So just as an
example, if you took 20 cars on a regular parking lot in front of a mall,
how many of those would be large SUV like you mentioned, ford explorer and
so on?

cartouchator says:

we love you matt come back!!

IsuruAS says:


mage1724 says:

Some say he was driving in the boot of a kia sorento, all we know is hes
called the stig.

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