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kosar mustafa says:

Looks great i might get one in white or cherry red 

Theo Harrison says:

We’re getting one soon.

Ray november says:

Just bought one… Fantastic car… Very stylish… Comfortable…
Economic.. Well made… I just can’t believe its Kia… Really love it

Doug N. says:

It really ticks me off that the diesel is not available in the US.

bassem gamel says:

L love it 

eternalhalloween1 says:

I don’t deny that I was impressed by this car. It’s cute and it has a lot
of nice things about it.

But what would stop me from buying it is that Mat pointed out that rear
visibility isn’t so great. 

jmq1984 says:

Kia and Hyundai are making very nice cars 

Gary Ng says:

The new Kia Rio now available in #malaysia #kiario2013 #cars
#hatchback +Isaac Ooi +Keith Woo +Larry Lee 

Joseph Seo says:

poor ppl cant buy cars

photographerjonathan says:

how do find the seats, they feel good for a short drive, but i think to
firm for a long drive, I sat in the car for over an hour, and i started to
feel uncomfortable, but I like the car overall, also how do you feel about
the suspension ?

Ediana Nieves says:

I love my kia rio hatchback! :)

mb013962 says:

I know

camaroman101 says:

“A Kia will always always be a cheap car in anybody’s book” dont speak for
me, and kia has gone under a makeover with its entire lineup. what more do
you want? people who look at the badge vs actually looking at the car like
you are morons

john sabha says:


Syphadeus says:

Matthew hates A-pillars full stop. I think the only fat A Pillars that will
ever escape his mention are ones made entirely out of transparent, non
refracting and non distorting glass.

michael rinkes says:

just bought a red 3dr 1.25, need to wait a month to pick it up! the value
is immense paying £200 a month for 3 years then an option to trade in pay
off £3500 or upgrade! i really hate kias aswell! this car just caught me
eye as soon as i seen it, cant wait to drive it.

MrBilldustin2000 says:

same here, its a pretty damn good car.

Uros Go says:

My mate has Kia Ceed (3 years old), still looks like new, when we stop at
red light, you don’t even hear the engine (1.4 litre)

mieguistumas says:

So? I don’t say, that it is a bad allways breaking car. All I say is that
Toyota is still more reliable. Everyone pressed “thumbs down”, because they
are kia drivers, who came here to see their car on video :D I don’t really
care, I didn’t say, that Kia is shit. I said, that toyota is better. And
warranty doesn’t mean it is reliable at all.

snevss1 says:

I own a rio 1.25 and would much rather have one than a Fiesta. something a
bit different instead of boring.

MocknozzieRiver says:

Ohhh I want this car. :3 but I want the driver’s seat on the other side

MrAxion1983 says:

perfect car! super design and very good engines welldone kia!!!

John Adamson says:


ssterkmans says:

I’ve just watched 3 of you’re video’s. The Kia’s Optima, Cee’d and Rio and
in all three video’s you say that the “oppenent” Fords Mondeo, Focus and
Fiesta are better! :-) Fordlover much? … But anyway great video reviews ;-)

fightinside1 says:

he’s hot! :)

janson key says:

You must be a poor little bitch. You can’t get that car as it is way too
expensive and quality to you. You poor little

Badr Alshaer says:

Can you make a review about the Kia Cerato/Forte please :)

Jack White says:

in spite what is generally said, kia are good cars and quite respectable in
speed for what they have, plus it rarely bites you back even when driving
the stick. My Subie WRX may be 3 X superior than my Kia Rio, but the Rio is
the one I still come home to.

InfamousPR says:

Why don’t they bring this diesel engine to the states? We only have a
shitty Smart Fortwo with a 1.3 liter gas engine that gets less mpg than a
new Altima. This government wants to have cars getting up to 55 mpg yet
Europe already gets them.

sircheese0 says:

Mat, you made it easier to decide. Kia it is.

Darko Vela says:

I have this car and it’s very good. lots of rooms in front and back. you
don’t hear it running, good sound system, eco, and very fun to drive. If
you need this tipe of car this is for me best choice

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