Kia Rio 5 Door SX 2012 Test Drive & Car Review by RoadflyTV with Emme Hall

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Vehicle: 2012 Kia Rio 5-door SX Host: Emme Hall For more information, pictures, prices and to download the window sticker for the new Kia Rio5 please visit h…


Shobin Drogan says:

bet she didnt read this

Alexander Belov says:

8.9 seconds is SLOW ! bitch please… we have 1.1 diesel version of the RIO
in UK which does 0-60 in 15.5 seconds.. now that is SLOW ! my Hyundai coupe
2 litter does 0-60 in 9.3, so for this RIO the speed is actually quite

Eric Lupo says:

I wanted this car in silver or white bad, but got up sold to the optima
hybrid. big price diffirence and im kinda regretting my decision. for a
hybrid im only getting 27.5 mpg city. that sucks

alejandro Rebolledo says:

Spanish sub ^^

thugangel662 says:

I love this DBH <3

fvgotch says:

All these idiot car journalists are crediting Peter Shryer for every
fucking car made out of South Korea. Redneck journalism to the finest.

Carlo Estay says:


joanne61 says:

eco,not echo,also,reversing camera,not back up camera,you don’t need a back
up camera if the fitted one works!!!

Jay C says:

Holla! Great job as always!

boomee78 says:

wow thats DC for ya lololol

AdrianC12345 says:

Emmy!!! I love your videos but would it be too much to ask that you do a
review on the 2012 Volvo S60 R-Design? <3

danielc49102 says:

2:05 the screen says 133 and its 138 :/

johnpa2006 says:

no kids, veloster, Kids, Rio. You cant put a kids seat in the back of the
Veloster. Unless your kid has no legs.

MutatedWhale6 says:


wtrdogg20 says:

@doclogic You never compare your brother with your sister… Same think
here, you never see Dodge comparing with Jeep or Chrysler. When you compare
Accent with Rio, they both offer they same performance and numbers, only
with different shape and style. So after all, you pick one of them because
the colors and the style rather than the numbers, because both are the

NeoGee says:

This is a Kia, and Schreyer has been Kia’s design chief for 5 years so it’s
hardly “redneck journalism” to point this out, now if this were a review
for a Hyundai Accent you’d have a point.

SwPiotrek says:

Cool review of this nice car. But, still Fiesta is coolest to drive.

Louis Miller says:

downtown dc looks like a shithole!

roadflytv says:

Visibility out the back was fine, but you’re right about the A pillars.
They obstruct a little bit, especially in any long left hand sweepers. I
think Kia thinks those little triangular windows solve the problem, but I
never really used them. -Emme@RoadflyTV

Adrian Wesker says:

Kia Rio 5 or Hyundai Veloster???

palebeachbum says:

What a great little car this is! I took one for a spin and was very
impressed overall. The engine is very peppy. The automatic is super smooth
and responsive. The electric steering has good feel. The interior is quiet
for a small car. The overall quality is stellar. Feels far more substantial
and upscale than you’d expect. The salesman said it was priced at $19,900.
I laughed. He said the best he could do is $100 over invoice. I laughed
harder and walked away. Otherwise I would have bought it.

Kanchoba says:

and dude, the Sonata Hybrid doesn’t even have a smiley grill, open your
eyes. It’s a HEXAGON, not a D, like many other of Hyundai’s new lineup.
Also, that grill’s on the 2013 Ford Fusion. So I guess Ford also can’t
innovate, huh.

s0nnyburnett says:

The Rio was so much more appealing in person at the dealer, it looks many
times better in person.

Mfury001 says:

Did she just parallel park that car or was it a male stunt double? :) She
is hot though.

palebeachbum says:

Based on my experience, looking out the rear window was like looking
through a porthole. The rear window seems very small. There are huge blind
spots. I assume this is why Kia offers the Versa with the optional back up

jcmark42 says:

Pretty nice car.

rahul reddy says:

Lady, i like your hair style!

AdrianC12345 says:

@boricuas4669 Honestly, it’s got Honda Civic power with 400 less pounds AND
an extra gear. What more could you want for this price?

mwhands says:

Hi Emme, Nice review on the 2012 Kia Rio. I am a loyal Kia driver that is
currently driving a 2005 Kia Spectra 5. I purchased the Spectra 5 with only
six miles on it and love this vehicle, with decent gas mileage and
inexpensive maintenance you can’t go wrong. Unfortunately my Spectra has
met the extent of it’s life and I am going to try and purchase a new 2012
or 2013 Rio. Wish me luck. :-D

acha0077 says:

@pvinis mine always says 32.5 – 33mpg

Mario Daniel says:

is the triangular window on pillar a is useful or not?

R.L. Natschke says:

They are actually better. My wife gets 42/43 MPH consistently with her 6
cylinder Sorento.

TheWingedScapula says:

I have a 2009 Kia Optima and so far, have had no problems at all. Kia and
Hyundai seems like they have stepped up their game in the past few years
and their cars are not only becoming more reliable, but also more
attractive as well.

tdreamgmail says:

that IS a bad road :)

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