Kia Picanto review

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Kia Picanto review What Car? is the UK’s biggest car-buying brand and has been helping Britain’s car buyers make purchasing decisions for over 40 years. Our …


FrostyBlizzard2 says:

I’ve test drove both the Kia Picanto and the Volkswagen up! (with the VW
being their Car of the Year). The VW up! has a slightly better ride quality
and a bigger boot. That’s it. The Picanto has the up! beat in interior
quality, spec, price, warranty, has an extra seat, better engine with the
1.25 litre, and the finer details. Exposed metal is all over the interior
of the Up, as well as shiny cheap, dust and fingerprint magnet plastics.
Sorry. What Car can’t hide their German bias any more.

mage1724 says:

a city car’s not meant to drive well in the first place…

2697jam says:

Well that’s lovely that there are better budget supermini’s
around…erm…what are they?

ddrodwell1 says:

Ouch this review is unnecessarily harsh! I’ve had a new Vauxhall Corsa SXI
before I bought my new Picanto 2 and the Picanto is simply streets ahead!
The harsh 2/5 for ride is terrible as it has beautiful smooth suspension
and the lightweight steering is so comfortable! They also claim is tight
inside which in fact I take mine camping often and it has more than above
ample space, a lot bigger than my previous Corsa! I think this beautiful
car needs a re-mark on this review as it’s harsh!

TRbeybifeyz says:

oh i am the first?

NBA2knegro says:

What a shit review

Mr1TommyGun says:

to suck my balls? yeah…

Atul Shetty says:

KIA Picanto 1.25 ISG ecodynamics is the only road tax free car under 10K
with 0-62 mph under 12 seconds !! needless to say Picanto is far more
better value for money than its rivals. I completely agree with Frosty
Blizzard this video review is plain silly

miffy131 says:

So if there are better superminis do you think you could tell us what they
are?? It’s not a terribly helpful statement otherwise!

SeeAitchBee says:

For a few seconds more you could have suggested a few of the “better minis

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