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F Ahmad says:

quite spacious for a small car

ddrodwell1 says:

Extremely accurate review. I’ve had my picanto 2 1l for 6 months and pros
and cons match exactly to the review. Only wish he had mentioned about how
fantastic on mpg it is though as this was a major buying point for me :)

Mir Ali Talpur says:

toyota or vw nothin else……..

thunderbirdthang11 says:

@ArtemiyPavlov I live in the US where half the cars he reviews aren’t
available, especially (and unfortunately) estate cars like the Skoda Superb
and the BMW 3 series, Honda badged Acuras and the like. However, I still
watch his reviews just ’cause he’s such a good presenter. :)

hawelan88 says:

1.2 L Engine hhhhhhhhhh may be my pissing is enough if some times fuel
needed .

Lisa Innes says:

Dinky dimensions lol

alej469 says:

Clown! Haha

aiman saliddin says:

i think ma dad is getting me this car :/

Donatas says:

Fucking fag.

bbajnk says:

lool @ the clown steering wheel

bimosalexandres says:

the only thing i hate about this car is only the clutch…

AkbarGul says:

Guise he’s 5’10″ and a half take note.

mero2050 says:

very nice car

graphboy0 says:

good video

Albert Salim says:

agree best car reviewer. not fancy kia picanto though

Mohamad Kabbani says:

i have the 1.25L>> it is a great car but for the gas it’s take 1 galon for
each 50 km not so good for small car..

bigbzon says:

@skoshy “Such”

jvam16 says:

“i will stop lock, it’s scaring me” LOL

iTroozTrooperDown says:

Yeah, if you want a car to use for a driving school you need an “old
school” car that would resembla a tank. Say a VW Golf, or something
similar. The Kia is good for drivers that will take care of it, we had a
Sportage, it actually never broke and performed amazingly until we sold

TeReNo223 says:

that clown steering wheel…..what can be seen cannot be unseen -____-

MelbStevo says:

Best reviewer. No doubt. Should be a part time comedian as well. Clever.

bigbzon says:

@bigbzon Edit: odd.

Chaardy. says:

The only thing that annoys me about this review is what is missing that is
in Mat’s other reviews. He doesn’t talk about price and the standard
equipment you get with them. I sincerely hope that his ‘celebrity’ doesn’t
cause him to make these reviews a novelty!

muhammad azhari says:

richard hammond top gear haha

monacoer says:

He is the sure best reviewer :) thanks

unio06 says:

my car, Kia Picanto se 2005 has suffered the crankshaft pulley bolt
manufacturers fault so all I have now is a pice of tin on wheels. this is
the newest and most expensive car I have ever owned but it is the worst car

ImHereToAnnoyYou says:

Prey tell why you spell your first name with a single ‘T’?…. is it
because you’re a…. ‘car mat’?! hehhuhh huhh HUH HAAHAH AHAH HA HAAA ….

sequentialgear says:

They would have to get three Mats… top gear is starting to get really
stupid and pointless.

kuacii13 says:

Great car great review

Viv Taylor says:

I test drove one of these yesterday, the 3door ’1′. The clutch and gearbox
were smooth as silk (I thought I was going to stall it having been used to
a 10 year old KA’s clutch and gearbox but I didn’t) the “Grabby” brakes
came in very handy when I had to stop suddenly for an ambulance speeding
around a round about. Have to say I felt extremely safe in this little car
and am VERY excited to get my brand new one hot off the production line in

hehsband58 says:


Savvis Savva says:

ugly car

AlejjSi says:

LOL :D I like Top Gear, but they should do also this stuff, since they are
good at it and that made me a bit sad, cause there was no other reviewer of
their quality. But Mat, though is is barely two weeks I saw these videos,
can even beat them. Great reviews

sukhraj hira says:


RomiMJ says:

What’s the matter? What if he’s gay?

TheKenjoje says:

how horrible weight transfer at sudden braking it has. what a junk

Crater777 says:

You bet I’ll be back for next video, you are doing great Mat, amazing :))

kanishq ruhil says:

This dude is hot.

Joanna Lowe says:

2:59-3:29 is the most humorous part in this review =p “the grin on the
steering wheel, qt a bit of a body roll….woahhhwooo~~” lol keep it up Mat

mario vlieg says:

The steering wheel clown… can`t be unseen.

Ali Moussa says:

We bought a Kia Picanto in Egypt 1.25 liter. We also bought the AT. I
cannot see any problems with it and I don’t understand the “clown” steering
wheel part. To me, all the styling is very good.

AuroraAppDesign says:

Random boots in the glove box lol

Harris Kristanto says:


areasevenpro says:

Just bought my Picanto 1.2 about three weeks ago, and I love it. Sure, it’s
more expensive than the i10, but it looks a lot better and has plenty more
amenities loaded in. And it looks really sexy in black.

shonor6 says:

Nah, maybe Fifth Gear. Top Gear is more about entertainment and Fifth Gear
is more about actually buying cars.

ghos2277 says:

haha boots and cakes? The things Mat puts in his cars are getting even more
and more random!

Marcos H. Ary says:

haha Actually the steering wheel has a nice design!

LeadHammer says:

The car is ugly and according to the review it drives badly, and it is a
Korean car, so three strikes and it is out. But the review itself is a
pleasure to watch. Matt, do you memorize your stuff? How long do you
rehearse? Your reviews look effortless.

TheGetawayer says:

Don’t like the interiors in korean cars, they small so much like cheap
plastic, yuck ! Makes me wanna put on my Getawayer-gloves to drive them.
Good review, Mat ! I drove the 3008 too for many times here in germany.
Very intrested in your opinion on that one :)

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