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Eshlar says:

“which is hilarious when you’re 7, but when you’re 37… not so much” LOL

RWL2012 says:

please get rid of the spaces between the numbers and hyphens, i was
expecting to see a 2004 model reviewed in 2011 (i know this video was
uploaded in 2010, but the search didn’t say that)

barnechea says:

excellent review. Keep it up mate!

kalargyi says:

lol, its a cheap car, deserves an empty 7-up can in the cup holder, lol ,

friedchicken1981 says:

hope you didn’t get shit-canned for that :D

RWL2012 says:

@Kevin Leary They still haven’t changed it then!

mimosa006 says:

u should work for top gear ! or should i say top gear should start working
for u.. because you’re an excellent car reviewer

camouflagecamaro99 says:

Imagine if top gear and carbuyer uk worked togther? The sense and polish of
Mat watson and the comedy and fun of top gear!

atami210 says:

1:42, OMG those tires are as wide as my mountain bike tires!! Great review

TheSvetlova says:

супер машинка

Tyler Mcmenaminhull says:

Don’t like the front the old front was nicer and back light

LS R says:

I would be nervous to recline that back seat in a highway, less space
between the lorry coming behind your car and your passenger…once traveled
in an old Geo Metro (Suzuki Swift), which was underpowered, and on a hill
it refused to continue. The memory of turning around and seeing a big truck
centimeters away from your back still haunts me today, lol…

jukealoneathome says:

thanks a lot for this pretty good review! I will buy a picanto :)

Olivia S says:

Perfect for someone my age, so perfect that i bought one!! :)

sphession says:

very good reviewer!!!

Kevin Leary says:

yes, me too. I watched this , because I thought it was for the 04 model.

Duron13 says:

Saying he should work for Top Gear is stupid. Top Gear is a show and
Clarkson, May and Hammond are entertainer while Matt is a true journalist,
giving real and good advice on cars.

AsetheticFitnessUK says:

KIA Picanto

Js xboxhelp says:

Giz a hand

LS R says:

This guy is really good at these reviews, I have interrupted my work for
about half an hour to watch these reviews, lol.

Gary Shapland says:

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zohan1393 says:

ahahah im watching this one because my instructor has this car :D

Rubenlovescars says:

When are you going to test the new one?

unio06 says:

I have the 2005 model that is now worthless as it has the crankshaft pully
bolt manufacturers falt. I paid £700.00 to repair it as kia uk wanted over
£2000. 6 months ago that has now come back and will now cost thousands.
Please get this checked if you buy a kia as it happens on other ranges too.
it has put me off kia for good

EasternBlocCars says:

the 2004-present Kia Picanto is assembled in Seosan, South Korea Quang Nam,
Vietnam Parañaque City, Philippines Indonesia

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