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Jonathan M says:

whats with the lexus sticker? 0:59 lol

Michal Jurík says:

the front grill reminds me of the new Skoda Octavia
loving this Kia, however it seems a little costly to me- 27k euro for the
diesel, for which I might just prefer Superb
nevertheless, looking good

Frank Shang says:

You get air conditioning in most cars nowadays, it’s basically standard.
What’s the point of pointing it out in a review .. I like the rims on these
car wheels a lot btw

lexyota says:

I’ll stick with the GS F-Sport 

steven john says:

Alan Partridge has one , so it must be good !

eternalhalloween1 says:

Too bad. I was really liking this car until Mat pointed out that rear
visibility isn’t so good, and that there’s no place to really rest your
arm. :(

That said, I think blue was the perfect color for this interesting car.

radar3699 says:

Enjoy your shitty car and your shittier life then lol

Zach Payne says:

0:54 there was some sort of demon spirit hiding in the trunk

eleezy1989 says:

it’s called K5 in China also it costs about 22,000 dollars

Ryan Wanciak says:

How do you get so many thumbs up?! Do you have 20 accounts?!

hammy y says:

No, not for handicapped people. Some countries, like the UK, drive on the
left instead of the right, and thus have the steering wheel on the right
hand side of the car. You must be a retard not to know that… then again,
the average american is an ignorant retard who only knows about their own
country and hates anything that is different to their country.

TheNOGarcia says:

1:52 I thought my phone was ringing lol

pdx650 says:

True, but we can should always go longer distances between fuel-ups.

TerryFilming says:

The importance of suspension really differs from place to place. In places
like Korea, Japan, and most parts of China, roads are almost perfect, and
level. I’ve been to all three countries, and it’s superior to what’s in
Europe, and in the Americas. Unsophisticated cars… Right. That’s why
quality is great in them, and their engines have won several awards for
efficiency, reliability, and output.

thuglifezeem716 says:

Sx or 550i 07 ?!?!? Help fuck

tazzcaaarlovr says:

everyone will copy BMW -.-

thegodzp says:

dude relax

101philosopha101 says:

All reliability stats show them as average at best. As for their engines,
they are boring, yeah they look good on paper but in the ‘real world’ they
don’t cut it, that’s my point, DI engines they have don’t feel as fast as
the HP/Torque suggest, not as fuel efficient as the #’s suggest, and
reliability is average, driving is boring, they don’t have the
sophistication to make desirable cars yet. If you are on Kia’s payroll I
understand, otherwise you need to test drive these cars.

mimike80 says:

Well it dont matter what youre in agreement on, drive one first, then come
back to me.

101philosopha101 says:

Kia buyers, your car is gonna be shit in 5 years, beware.

RurouniNikos says:

my family had kia even before i was born!now my father and are thinking
that i should buy the new kia ceed gt!we are very pleased with this brand
for over 15 years:)

bsp1148 says:

Accord my ass. Just imagine how hot it will be if this Kia wears a Honda
logo. That tells me that the design of this Optima makes Accord so

bsp1148 says:

I don’t listen to what the consumer report says. I buy what makes me
happier. Right now Accord will not make me happier. It’s that simple.

Gergely Kondás says:

A really nice car! Great job from KIA!

Yannis Potamitis says:

101philosopha101 you are just a 15 year old troll , the latest Hyundai and
KIA models have nothing to envy from the equivalent European and Japanese
cars. When you get a driver’s licence one day perhaps you will not pretend
to be an engineer and have more respect for Korean automobiles.

IntelligentGTFanboy says:

It looks better than the current BMW 5-Series.

RurouniNikos says:

thank you very much!but i am better with writing english than spelling:P
this sweet car sounds to good to come to greece (i didnt know it has the
same engine with lan evo it’s fantastic!)

David kim says:


Brent Hill says:

nice car. interior some shit

Roman Miah says:

OH MY GOD the new Procee’d looks great! And it’s a Kia! A desirable Kia!

SaNay Ko says:

why the driver is on right side?..not in U.S?

royaloreca says:

What?? Americans know about their country?? haha kidding

Felzethronics says:

my mom has kia over 8 years and it works well. Well done KIA!

David kim says:

dbtdhfsbefg hdifkl

Bibazavr says:

@TehIslamicDefender dont talk then?

Trent Fergus says:

Kia has better exteriors and Hyundai has better interiors, if you have a
look at the Hyundai i40 the interior is just out-standing! However outside
the i40 is just not right for me. The Optima amazed me with its exterior.
Hyundai and Kia are the best car brands

future3 says:

Kia needs to increase the intensity of those LED’s…just not bright enough!

ㅡ 훈남 says:

what did he do he insulted optima(k5). i want to kill him get that piece of
paper like lexus away from KIA. how dirty the paper it is. fuck all in your

Radiorah100 says:

im definetly putting a lexus sign on mine!!! I have one on my PT cruiser now

bsp1148 says:

Regardless what you support, that’s not going to happen. For one thing,
Koreans are not a happy people like Americans. Look into your national
flag. It says it all about the divisive and conflicting natures of Koreans.
Again look into your national flag. You need to wake up to the reality.
Nonetheless I hope South Koreans will do better.

bsp1148 says:

You have no clue.

TerryFilming says:

LOL. The car is a proper vehicle. That’s why many people have bought it.
And guess what? The prices on these vehicles have been rising. Lol, stop
spewing your irrational hate for a vehicle that took much effort to make.
Think you can create a working transmission? Pistons? A GDi? An attractive
design? Yeah. I think not.

dugalugenedinai says:

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youre paying out today.

Zaberca David says:

then you really have a bad taste for rims, that are some high-class looking
ones, you are too used to mediocre ones

thuglifezeem716 says:

And I’m 20

Sir Mccartney says:

I don’t agree about the porsche part. But yeah, nice car tho.

RurouniNikos says:

Here in Greece kia doesn’t even brings out this car.i think it sucks being
greek!and turbo-diesel is much more economical than petrol or gas and when
the time comes to sell it u can sell it with the money bought it or little
less!And sorry for my english!i am a greek afte all!

MrCanopius says:

I really like the red interior lights. Looks good and it is proven to be
the best colour at night. The rest of the car looks good too, but it is not
comfortable and it is not cheap. And you have to replace he rims instantly
after you bought it. Kia has the worst designed alloy wheels on their cars,
they spoil the attractive looks.

Radiorah100 says:

Radar i was really only being silly. i totally know that would be
retarded…that was the punchline i guess

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