Kia Motors New KIA Picanto – Vehicle Presentation

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spiloFTW says:

the name “Kia” derives from the Sino-Korean words ki (“to come out”) and a
(which stands for Asia), it is roughly translated as “arise or come up out
of Asia” or “rising out of Asia”

Marcos H. Ary says:

Very Nice car! says:

A must watch presentation done by @MarkPilgram. We couldn’t have done it
any better

Luis Velasco Lecca says:

la kia picanto el mini auto mas elegante..!!

Julio Gutiérrez S. says:

Existe una versión del Picanto (Morning en Chile) que posea Luces LED?

areasevenpro says:

Some newer cars don’t have temperature gauges anymore; just blue or red
lights indicating if the engine is cold or overheating.

palebeachbum says:

I wonder if they’ll ever sell this in the U.S.? Now that the Chevy Spark is
coming here, it only seem to make sense that Kia start selling the Picanto
here as well.

Paulo Irineu de Souza says:

Very good review! Nice car! Very expansive price in Brazil, but is a very
good car!

crazygenius says:

I will buy this one

kebuang moeti says:

kia picanto have it all in one, and looks comfortable i wont mind driving

mero2050 says:

my and i love it

Naoufalitos24 says:

average fuel consumption 8.9 L/100

NanaDarkmanFans says:

@THOMAS GIRLMAN , ford is suck and it’s not reliable at all so who give
damn shit about American junk car ?

Ludger Peters says:

I am very happy with my car the sound is ok for normal people ut for me who
likes base heavy tracks i am going to put in extra sound :), The driving
experience is amazing and really enjoying it.

normanlopez1 says:


Nguyen Nghiep says:

very good for this car .. i like that man who presentation

bocckoka says:

at 8:52 avg fuel consumption is 8.9 l. not exactly six.

CobainInChainz says:

the 1.2EX looks like a great city car… gasolines prices are a bitch, too
damn high… good to see an affordable car that doesnt look cheap. gettin
one of those fo’sho’

adammain93 says:

Does he know that when he mentioned it having a fog lamp he pointed at the
reverse light

rhazild says:

kia, killed in action or know it all?

bocckoka says:

it’s not a review but an introduction.

tarikdz alger says:

hi boss,how i can adjust the handbrake for this car because in the slop is
working only when it reach the last click thank you tarik from algeria
picanto 2011 new model

arrrmtt sfffx says:

his voice….

Leda Alves says:


mahdi albohumood says:


مسلسلات مدبلجه says:

i love it

NanaDarkmanFans says:


Honeybea264 says:

I have the Picanto and mine uses 4.9 l/100. It depends how you drive it!

Germán López says:

360p we meet again.. great vid though

Mila Alva says:

Por qué? Estaba pensando en comprarlo

Koma kush says:

Kia is getting good so Fast

Nassir Youssouf says:

talk about European urban shit

René Burkhard says:

Fahre seit 3 Monaten den neuen Picanto, Style eco, genial und genial im
Preis-Leistungsverhältnis inkl. 7 Jahre Garantie. Mein 3. Kia

Bluebeyond08 says:

Lovely car

osi maki says:

no enteni nada

Alejandro Morales says:

Very good review I really liked this car!

Elums says:

Yeah! Handy and awesome.

mahdi albohumood says:

YAH it is Very Nice Car

oktocrisisbands says:

me salio remalo este autoooooo.

Saroj Dissanayake says:

What a Presentation !!! Thumbs UP

crazygenius says:

Awsome kia picanto, a great car with a great price wow amazing,, i will buy
this sure.

djangotaylor says:

RE: engine shown on review shows a ‘cambelt’…and that ‘ALL’ models have
‘automatic’ transmission options……? is this correct?…..because
another review says ‘chain driven cam’…and 4 speed automatic gearbox only
on 1.2 ex model….???



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