Kia Cerato Koup |

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South Korean brand’s first turbocharged petrol effort crams in plenty of performance for the price. Subscribe for more:…


KillerOrca258 says:

Pfffft hahahaha I couldn’t keep myself from laughing when that dude in the
vid said, “not as much steering feel as a VW Golf or even a GT86,” the way
he said it implies that he thinks a VW Golf has more steering feel than a
GT86. What a retard. Golf’s have less feel than a Ford Focus or even a
Fiesta, seriously, why Aussie motoring journalists always sound like they
know nothing about cars?

ron Raro says:

visual was much less sports, not liked how the previous…

swada02 says:

Jason Carpp, no… The first or second generation Kia Rio was the ugliest
thing ive ever seen. This isn’t a bad looking car at all.

Ashcox81 says:

Good to see Kia moving in right direction but Fiesta ST for my money (for a
2nd car)

Jason Carpp says:

Of all the cars I’ve seen Kia build, this has to be the ugliest I’ve ever
seen released to the public.

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