Kia Cerato 2013 – Review

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The 2013 Kia Cerato released in Australia being reviewed by This 2 litre engine provides 129kW of power 209Nm of torque and you get 7.4 litres per…


yosua rimbo says:

Hi car tell tv, in the speedometer for the kilometers, is there any digit
for the kilometers? Thanks says:

Video review of the 2013 Kia Cerato

khalil ahmed says:

hmmmmmmmmm car & girl both nice

rskim119 says:

I love her voice and accent. Very attractive.

firdaus22 says:

i thought we were gonna get the 1.8L variant in Malaysia as well, sadly,
only 1.6L is offered here.

TechS3eK says:

but elantra looks much prettier and having a better quality interior …
not to mention interior of this car terribly ugly … pretty much most of
the kia cars have a bad looking interior in my opinion !!!!

dshiningsword says:

Looks quite similar to elantra

chris t says:

Exterior looks good, but it is let down by the interior design.

eidil morra says:

maybe for him that is consider a cheap price.. hihihi

TechS3eK says:

Elantra is starts at 89 all the way to 115 … the auto one are 94 and 99
… how come it’s cheaper ?!

Ju Wongsakorn says:

The rear side is look like Ford Focus Sedan.

branded says:


megadisc1982 says:

she is very pleasant to look at … i meant the car

Zahemi AZUL ISLAMI says:

But elentra is much cheaper in msia for d premium spec alike

Cruzin Streets says:

wouldnt buy one, not Australian built..

Zahemi AZUL ISLAMI says:

Hv seen d interior, excellent, better then elentra i reckon…

iAussieGamer says:

Thumbs up for the cool jacket

Lawrence German says:
Lawrence German says:

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