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Pogost1ck says:

Saw one today, very impressed! White car, black rims… really sporty and
modern look! Love the direction Kia is going.

SparkySlow says:

People had to go over badge stuff today, this car is so good as german vw
or Ford Fiesta. You only need to care about badge is when you buy a premium
car… VW badge is not premium, eve if its german and good…

Erdem Deniz says:

From the front side of the car, Cee’d looks like BMW more than BMW 1 series

Wu Ming says:

Volvos are blander than cardboard boxes. In my humble opinion.

richie austin says:

I found the cee’d very noisy on motorways it lacks personality and as for
MPG your looking at more 49 – 55mpg as u have to put your foot down to make
it shift, driving long distance make you realise how uncomfortable the
seats are, as mentioned the steering feels unnatural no matter what
setting, the steering wheel itself is cluttered with buttons which is
useless while driving as u have to move hands right down to activate most
of it, I had this as a rental for 3 weeks and was glad to get rid of it
certainly not my cup of tea

El Celoso Cervantes says:

Form the thumbnail I could’ve sworn that was Richard Hammond XD

Rudi Man says:

Nice video. I agree about the badge! :)

Simon Pettersson says:

bought one yesterday can’t wait to get it now :)

eternalhalloween1 says:

It’s not a car I would buy for myself. But I don’t deny that it was pretty

titanic740turbo says:

@James Love
Fun to imagine stuff , fantasy but I like To stick reality.
Volvo has Always created a groundbreaking design that everyone else copies
and use it to create their design. Just look at the other models from Kia.
All their models are just rip-off from Volvo and other car

Hannah Wood says:

I love my cee’d and my husband is now replacing his golf for the pro cee’d
version just because it has impressed us both so much. We’ve driven a
variety of hatchbacks small and large including the focus, golf, astra,
corsa, fiesta, yaris, i30 and polo – this one runs circles around them
combined. I’m typically filling the tank for around £65 and getting between
650-700 miles from that. I cannot fault this car. 

rubberplantsandwich says:

I really like the water bottle thing as it puts things in perspective

Davorin Duranovic says:

New Kia Cee’d is amazing car. I own old model and I never had a single
issue with it. I know we all suffer from that badge in the front but with
new Kia Cee’d you have amazing warranty, good quality and it looks better
than VW Golf

rubberplantsandwich says:

i got one of these as a hire car and loved it

hammy y says:

he said that SOME people are going to want a golf because of the vw badge.
basically he said that snobs will drive a golf because they think its
important to have a vw badge. if you look at the kia rio review, you’ll see
he tries to not mark a car down cause of its badge. he was just noting that
some people won’t like the badge on it.

IntelligentGTFanboy says:

Супер! I’m surprised how Kia has gone through No downsides?!

wtrdogg20 says:

Well, I actually can, the problem is that they are not as reliable as an
Asian car, and I’m smart enough to know where I put my money. Sadly, most
Europan cars always have something that fails and a lot of delicated
gadgets and features. It is not my fault that Asian car makers like to make
cars for real daily use and not just to show off. Sorry, but it is well
known that any Toyota or Hyundai/Kia now uses to last longer without faults
than most Europeans, thats why they have great acceptance.

WellImHereNow says:

well the uk does not get the hyundai i45 or elantra only the hyundai i30
aka what some markets call the elantra gt. basically since both are saloons
and hatchbacks are much more popular in the uk in the kind of price ranges
hyundai deals with in the uk

Ahmad Ihsan says:

im a shit ! hahahhahaa im also a dumbass .

moe playbook says:

He has said it many times in other videos… he is 5’10 and a half ;)

demetrishotel says:

Seems they have done a great job with this car but that badge remains
“Korean stylish” if they could only redesign that, they could see their
sales pulling up..

gamearths :) says:

i agree with you but there are some people who will only buy a car if it
has a premium badge. stupid i know, but its still a valid point for him to

adel alotaibi says:

Funny guy, reminds me of Mark Evans.

mariaoz21 says:

maybe i just had a bad experience with korean cars and thats why im saying
this with my kia that i bought last 2008 and with the hyundai that my uncle
bought last 2011. it was a hyundai starex and after 8 months power was lost
and guys from hyundai said a major overhaul was needed.after overhauling it
was doing great, not until 2 mos that the problem was back again.=( we
really wanted korean cars because of its price and looks. Good for you
though that your hyundai is doing great!=)

Palit Weboonlit says:

Thank you for “Volvic” natural water…

Osama Bin Masood says:

This car is brilliant for Eel and sodium salesmen….

benanderson89 says:

The Golf’s non-turbo diesel is actually slower than the Hyundai Engine in
the Kia (105BHP vs 126BHP) – the newly announced Kia Ceed GT will have a
1.6 Turbo 204BHP engine and cost around the same as a Golf GT (who’s 2.0L
engine is only 150BHP). Plus, a Golf with the same spec as the Ceed 4 Tech
costs a whopping £4000 more! I wouldn’t have a Golf or a Ceed myself,
actually. I’d rather get the Ibiza FR with every bell and whistle available
for the money.

john sabha says:

yeah, cool car, similar to the Pro Ceed .

mmutasim2 says:

Oh come on. I’ve had enough with people talking about “wrong side of the
road” etc. Stop being ignorant and realize that there ARE countries that
have right hand drive cars. Just because your country has LHD cars,doesn’t
make others “wrong”.

F Ahmad says:

Looks nice in and out

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