DRIVEN #4: Honda Civic vs Kia Cerato vs Ford Focus

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w.j0102 says:

1:53 2 Ceratos side by side

Ali Ibrahim says:

wow.. didnt know the car in Malaysia are that expensive.. just to let you
guys know in Brunei we can get 2.0 Civic with full body kits for $38k.. and
just now i saw cerato on the newspaper the lowest monthly payment we can
get is $349 per month for 7 years. well basically those 3 cars are on
average of $30k.. all the functions and stuff are exactly the same too.
even for audi Q5 here cost only $77k. 

arthurssq says:

poor harv lol
gets the short end each time =p
some funny elements here and there. i like it XD

BluesEyePeas says:

Paul Tan where’s your driven#5 im waiting with my super long neck just to
let you know 

ted lim says:

Rubbish! The Focus is the best!

Khairul Nizam says:

getting better in every show, can u guys show how practical each car for
daily activity 

tineagle says:

best episode yet! but you guys need to show more natural chemistry. the
speech sounds very scripted and un-natural

genxl86 says:

Do the rm180k+ range

Iykmal Hamdy says:

Every car has its own strenghts and drawbacks. The Koreans are getting
better and better. I think those people at Honda are far too long living in
the comfort zone . Feeling ang thinking their cars are better than their
fellow Koreans. But just look at Samsung, the giant electronic entity . It
simply outdo the japanese rivals. It’s not about who do best but who learn
best. Whether we like it or not…Korean cars are going to invade the
world. In the 70′s people said Japanese cars suck!!!! British Ford Escorts
were the top pick then. How things have changed. Anyway guys I like your
show!!!! Do it our Malaysian way, be polite … What Mr Clarkson is going
to say??? 

jandj Godwin says:

OMG whats going on with Paultan your written reviews are a lot better, 3 of
em are no way better than a VW Golf but what is the primary criteria when
we buy cars, is it value,Power,comfort, ride & Handling, The kia looks good
but it rolls like boat on curves making 1 feel nausea and it has lot of
power but dosent have handling 2 match its engine so for a lot its a big
NO! Focus has only 1 negative in my opinion backseat legroom SUCKS, so it
cant be the winner again, Honda is total fail waste of money same as Toyota
want a boring car that lasts a generation take Honda/Toyota
Golf is the real winner here but Y is it not in competition
The biggest drawback of Kia is at speeds above 100 kmph the interior noise
is horrible compared to calm atmosphere in Focus
Another blunder the Mini does 0-100 in 12.4s so it gets smoked by Focus and
Kia so whats the point with a slow Mini

ljanhong says:

Lancer / Inspira will have much better handling than all three cars in the
video, but could’t agree more that the Cerato is packed with features and
that low price tag for what you get. 

yuunjac says:

Chuck Norris reference… didn’t see that coming but I like it! :D :D :D

Brandy K says:

Toyota Avanza 2012 vs Proton Exora Bold vs Nissan Grand Livina 2013!!!!!
I want to see that!!!

Zulhamizan Sukor says:

The show is getting much much better. Can’t wait to see more!

rskim119 says:

Where are these guys located? Interesting accents.

ljanhong says:

WOW Jonathan CAN DRIVE!!

Brandy K says:

Mini surpise!!!

Gene Lim says:

Cerato… am tempted :D

Skarphéðinn Sæmundsson says:

you will not feel vtec “kick in” on a eco vtec motor. and you shouldn´t be
able to feel the “kick” if a performance vtec motor is set up correctly as
Honda has thankfully started doing, that old “vtec kick” was a sales

upbeatmantis86 says:

mini one? it looks underpowered… even a vios can beat it

Choong Smith says:

in conclusion Civic the once king of this segment is outdated and even
Korean Cerato now has better value for money but in the end the Peugeot 208
GTI is clear choice for this price range..well done SPOT ON!

hantuafiq2 says:

how about peugeot 408 turbo?

sebbi3 says:

i want to see the battle of the GTI’s~!!!

Prostreetcrazy says:

My choice is still Ford Focus 

boyzepter says:

this fat ass with red glasses is not good TV presenter.. if you dont know
how to feel the steering wheels options (comfort, sport, normal) do not
comment on your video as top gear better presented than you… i can feel
cerato steering options why can’t u? are u dumb? handling is quite good..
ford is too much gadget to play with but you drive not playing gadget..
safe is first.. honda is made in thailand.. they only sell brand name not
the quality… dont judge too high ok.. be a good presenter next time ok…

Ahmad Nazri says:

Nice review

Mega Cs says:

ford focus really the best

Divananda Mayakrishnan says:

It’s great how you guys brought in the extra options. I thought that the
Civic would be a great first car, but now I’m starting to rethink my

Robin Valinski says:

Switching lane without using the indicator ?! .. Hmmm 

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