2014 Kia Soul Review

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BurnoutParadiceROCKS says:

I want this as my first car

John Carraway says:

A 6-speed automatic is very impressive, compared to those other compacts
with CVT’s.

Carpreview.com says:

Let our auto expert Chuck Giametta take you on a test drive of the 2014 Kia
Soul. 2014 Kia Soul Review

legaladvocate71 says:

California, Marina Automotive LLC dba LA Hyundai at LAX, previously sued
for racism discrimination, has changed its name to Hooman Hyundai. On
January 10, 2014, a Complaint was filed in the Circuit Court of the city of
Roanoke, Virginia , suing Hyundai Motor America as well as 27 auto dealers,
case no. CL14-68, Abdul-Mumit v. Hyundai Motor America, Inc. Among various
counts for relief , the lawsuit asks for “the full purchase price of the
vehicle including all collateral charges and incidental damages ….[and]
treble damages.” On February 18, 2014 this case was transferred to the Los
Angeles Central District multi litigation case under Judge George H. Wu,
case 2:13-ml-2424-GW, the “Hyundai-Kia Fuel Litigation.” This case, a fraud
and truth in leading case, lists 583 plaintiffs, all by name, one by one.

Evan M says:

I don’t know why this model DOESNT COME IN AWD ALREADY?

Mike Simpson says:

Why leave the Scion XB out of the comparison?

MrOrthogonalization says:

I sure hope they’re offering more colors than what their website shows. I
don’t like the fire-engine red, I don’t like the alien green, the yellow is
horrid, the white is mediocre, the silver is OK. If they really did get
rid of the titanium and moss, that’s a huge mistake.

MrOrthogonalization says:

I really want to test drive a 2014 Soul ! but the dealerships are only
carrying 1 or 2 base models that don’t have jack for features. That’s
frustrating. We’re holding out for the much nicer 2014s and Kia
dealerships are desperately trying to unload their 2013 inventory, and
they’re holding back on the 2014s to do it. Kia Corporate and the
boots-on-the-ground dealerships are locked in a Mexican standoff over this
and it’s really annoying the customers. Fine, Kia. I’ll see you next fall
and you better hope something else doesn’t grab my attention before then.

cwoolfork says:

I hate those rims! Sooooo 90s! Great review!

Carpreview.com says:

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