2014 KIA Sorento Road Trip Review: The new age Family Hauling Machine?

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http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2014 KIA Sorento is family hauling machine. So what better vehicle to take on a mini family vacation and road trip. In this TFL…


light487 says:

Hrmm.. how come there’s less cargo in the 5 seater?? Is this the same for
all makes? I was thinking of getting a 5 seater in another make that could
be a 7 seater so I could have the increased cargo that would *logically*come with the ability but lack of the 3rd row… it’s weird that in the
Sorento’s case, it is actually less space…

Court Mojo says:

santa fe kicks ass compared tio this, thanks for reviewing though cheers

Court Mojo says:

ok hes got a total family of 4, it seat 5, yet he bitches about it not
seating 7 the entire video?? wtf? he didnt need the extra row!! hello?

mykul koplan says:

Used to live there. What about the 7 passenger Honda Pilot? About the same
price as the Kia right?

Billy Sou says:

Nathan — how old are the kids?

The Fast Lane Car says:

Yes indeed. He keeps saying that Kyle is from Idaho and not Ohio. We need
to get him on a road trip to the Eastern parts of this country.

Aboude Mu says:

nice cute family.. god bless them :)

headcas620 says:

Note to self: never have kids.

abz520 says:

I would rather buy a 9 passenger Tahoe! Oh wait, I did. Same price.

Billy Sou says:

Nathan — how old are the kids?

benfunk3rd says:

You infer that the turbo on the santa fe sport is better than the v6 in
this one. It seems like the V6 would have more power. Why do you consider
the turbo better?

oddferkout says:

While we’re at it… what about the Optima and the farewell version of the
9-5? They also took some styling cues there.

MinnesotaChevy454 says:

As a 16 year old, I approve this message.

nathan adlen says:

I wanted you to be from New England so you could have your very own
football team.

Redey1290 says:

No, just no.

winboilos says:

HA cute kids (:

Ivan Vojt says:

Video starts at 1:06.

tmwall25 says:

the boy is gettin big

apachepjh says:

Haha, i’m from NH too

1guyin10 says:

Enjoy it while you can Nathan. It will seem like two weeks before they are
grown up and taking their kids on vacation. As for the Sorento, I think you
are right. If you want a family truckster the Sante Fe XL is the better
option. The V6 Sorento is aimed at a different market and their are several
options for the same or less money. Kind of strange saying that about a

Eric Parkerson says:

Did Kia look at the 2008 Saab 9-3′s headlight and say “yes”, because they
are almost exactly the same.

95thRiflesOCI says:

I think kia sorento competes directly with the new Mitsubishi Outlander and
the 2013 Toyota highlander. As all 3 share similar dimensions.

apachepjh says:

cute family though, good for you.

scottishbadboy1 says:

Its to late for me :-(


lol if you used a tesla with the 7 passenger option you wouldn’t even have
to see the kids.

dave dunn says:

Nicole is hot

PremierAutoMan86 says:

I agree buddy, while its a competent vehicle it’s too overpriced. But wait!
Kia has a new model coming called the Quoris gonna run about $60k. O_o

Jorge clavo trias says:

Love u nathan

Vulgora says:

alist in newer cars , and a list for older cars, (Roman’s lincoln)

c8701 says:

Lol! Was thinking the same thinking.

apachepjh says:

New England or something? C’mon man, we are a place, several states in fact.

DustinB855 says:

Aww his family is cute lol good review but I disagree about the 7 seater vs
the 5

Fake appellation says:

Honda Crv. Win. :3

davofield1523 says:

Hey guys do you think you could do a video of the top 5 used cars for new

SwPiotrek says:

Very cool video! I thought you have a very small child.

icecreamania says:

You get the V6 in the Sorento as a 5-seater, you cannot do that with Santa
Fe. You have to get the larger Santa Fe XL and have 7 seats.

Kanchoba says:

All car makers ‘copy’ each other; it’s how they roll (unless it is a
Chinese car, in which the car is literally a copy/paste). E.g. look at the
rear of the Hundai Sonata, and the new Mazda6. The new Ford Fusion’s front,
and then any Aston Martin; copy. …but seriously, you’re going gaga for a
Saab, 0_o??

scottishbadboy1 says:

are we there yet…are we there yet…are we there yet…are we there yet

nathan adlen says:

For over $36,000 – it should have a third row of seats.

semirla says:

Wify looks hot!!! good job buddy

Fewwawi says:

you have a wonderful family nathan. 1 boy and 1 girl.

Parrots and Potatoes says:

Isn’t the Santa Fe Sport the one with the 2-liter turbo?

Eric Parkerson says:

I find that Kias are just copy-cats. Hyundai develops everything and Kia
refines Hyundai’s platform. ALSO, when I first saw the picture of the
interior (without seeing the emblem), I thought that it was a Saab! I was
really excited that Saab was going to sell cars again and everything, but
no. It wasn’t a Saab. It was a gosh-darn Kia Optima! :( Saab is coming back
as an electric company, though :)

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