2014 Kia Sorento review

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The 2014 Kia Sorento is updated on the same platform as the 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe. Both share parts but Kia takes a different approach with their SUV. From w…


David Ferrari says:

Very elegant and modern design. 

Tra La says:

It’s cute how the Sorento looks at the pretty view at the end of the video!
Great review. It’s a top contender for my next vehicle. Thanks!

Chris Tillery says:

Just swapped our 2012 for a 2014 and we are very happy.. the suspension is
a lot smoother than before and the 3.3 V6 has a good range of power. We
also think the interior is a little smarter, a bit more upmarket.

Meela234 says:

Sorento is not considered a compact suv. It’s a midsize. 

Kia West says:

The 2014 KIA Sorento has recieved some new updates!

Eastside Kia says:

The 2014 Kia Sorento is updated on the same platform as the 2014 Hyundai
Santa Fe. Both share parts but Kia takes a different approach with their

madjak30 says:

Looks like the only real change is to the 3.3L GDI from the 3.5L…we’re
pretty happy with our 2012 Sorento SX so far, it’s economical & nicely

Kainj1000 says:

Don’t buy this vehicle worst resale value, I made huge mistake buying a
2011 model even kia is low balling me.

asahrs says:

It seems that you were not interested in this car?! Not your usual full

dave dunn says:

Zach can you review the 2013 refresh toyota venza v6 awd?

Neo Racer says:

Speed limit is 80 in AZ?

mana1111 says:

I don’t like the new 2014 model….2013 looks nice and aggressive, 2014 Is
a little less aggressive, more like a soccer mom version.

mutetender says:

I used to own a GT Lancer 2011 CVT and an EX Corolla 2009. I sold both to
buy this amazing 2014 Sorento. The performance of its V6 engine is a big
“WOW”. THANK YOU KIA for this great job. Just give it a test drive to know
that KIA is doing a great job. I swear it is better than the two cars
together that I once owned. Thanks GOD I bought this awesome vehicle. I
recommend it for every family who looks to own a good family SUV.

dave dunn says:

I dont like how every review on youtube shows the sx model. It looks so
much better than the lx, ex etc that it makes them look bland boring and
cheap! Kias are getting way to expensive as well. The sx is $40,000! For a
kia? I dont think so!

Motormouth Canada says:

No, I was speeding…

Lorraine-Ann Robinson says:

I have a 2011 Sorento EX …. I love my KIA !!!!

L4TIn0St4NdUp says:

He’s not right there’s no source to back up that bullshit. Since Hyundai is
rated just below Honda in terms of reliability.

PussMag says:

on interstate hwy, you can do 80 but no more, in fact 80 is the best gas
mileage speed if you want to save fuel.

j perez says:

How about 2 seconds of the inside. Otherwise NICE.

Richard Lee says:

he’s right in a way but its cheaper to use than any of its german rivals

TheMichaelRN says:

more loke a midsize than being a crossover


KIA all looks, BAD reliability

moviegeek65 says:

Get the 290hp V6, it’s worth the extra money. I average 24.5mpg and get
about 400mi per tank.

daryl g says:

Looks like a facelift and not all new?

Graham Roth says:

in nevada, Arizona, new mexico everyone goes 80 on the highway even the big
rigs haha

alex melendez says:

CONDITIONING” -because other brands know a days dont make vehicles with air

Son Kiran says:

Who saw a cactus 3:28, hands up if you did.

soloflight1975 . says:

How about reliability?

L4TIn0St4NdUp says:

Your source?

asdfg0318 says:

Nice car! I love it.

Lrn2spellpeeps says:

We have a 2010 Soul and have never had an issue with it. I would definitely
get another Kia! I love the new style of this Sorento.

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