2014 Kia Sorento Review – Kelley Blue Book

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For the latest Kia Sorento pricing, reviews and vehicle information: http://www.kbb.com/kia/sorento/2014-kia-sorento/ The Kia Sorento blends the versatility …


Moparman90 says:

I’d prefer a Durango.

Ivan Vojt says:

Clown car 3rd row which is being addressed in the 2015 model.

kz1000ps says:

Yup that third row is barely habitable. I had the misfortune of sitting
back there for a 15 minute ride and as a 6 foot male I wanted out the
second I got back there. Oh well. Great review as always, Micah!

Barobran92 says:

I like the Sorento, but I think Kia needs to bring the Sorento more in line
with the Santa Fe and bring out 2 models, a proper 3 row V6 crossover and a
2 row 4 cylinder.

Danny TheB says:

Will be review Kia Sportage?

DensetsuNoMajo says:

LOL, that blast from the past paranoia/red scare commercial type insert…

+1! Please keep up the great reviews. I like knowing the good and the bad
and what the competition has to offer.

r1pster says:


r1pster says:


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