2014 KIA Sorento Muddy Off-Road AWD Review (Part 1)

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http://www.TFLcar.com ) The new 2014 KIA Sorento is 80 percent new. From the outside it might look like a slight refreshed car, but it has a new direct inj…


ShaunJW1 says:

I think for the first time, i am in love with a KIA….

R.L. Natschke says:

I have a 2011, it’s a much better looking vehicle, and gets better gas
mileage. Where were the improvements? It’s still nice though, but seems
like it’s gone backwards in design.

tmars marston says:

They offered a v8 haha don’t think so bud, go tell stories somewhere else
this is a review we want facts not bullshit

yoiko yoyogi says:

made in Korea lol

kk jaz.c says:

what do you think about the sorento 2X4 weel drive ? can it handle any soft
offroading ?

Ely Deboro says:

Ground clearance too low. Not a good offroad car.

bo jangle says:

we have had our Sorento since 2010 brand new. Almost 60,000 km on it and we
love it. not to mention a trip from southern Ontario to Estevan
Saskatchewan. Don’t know what buddy means by 6 cylinder is new we have a
2010 V6 but also came in a 4 or 8 cylinder. Unlike mutetender below I don’t
need to make three comments to tell you how I feel about the car and what
you should or shouldn’t buy.

mutetender says:

I feel like I should give a piece of advice to all who think to buy a new
car. Be careful! I purchased my KIA AWD V6 2014 Sorento. It was the biggest
mistake I’ve ever made. I suffer from its transmission and the gear shifts.
Still Kms 5000. Be careful and think twice.

kia says:

fyi sorentos are built in Georgia not korea

rick hksquad says:


icecreamania says:

I’m not loving the the frequent super-slow motion when going through mud
puddles. Once in one video is enough, I think.

CircuitEnable says:

The Hyundai Santa Fe has the same rear locking differential?

dixiefunk says:

I can’t believe no one has had a go a removing that bloody rock?

20impala06 says:

Which one seems to do better for off road driving? The 2014 Subaru Forester
or the Kia Sorento?

James Jaisar Gatdula says:

Can you do an off road mud test for the new 2013 pathfinder. Thanks

niuhuskieguy says:

To be fair to the Escape and Forester, the snow/road conditions for the
Sorento were not quite the same.

Richard R says:

P.S. I’ve driven during and after many hurricanes as well as torrential
down pours. The offroad reviews you provide are even beneficial to us down
here in the southeast. People may not use their vehicle offroad, but there
may come a time in life when they aren’t given a choice. Always good to
know what your vehicle can do.

Tails Luigi says:

And also their mustangs lol!

TheAbsoluteZ33RO says:

Kia? Eww

Dadan Nugraha says:


CarEnthusias Ber says:

and btw im not from us. so the engine specs may vary…

TommyVercettism says:

i like this channel, but that car is a big pile of shit…imo

MrFreeCookie says:

I think every car should come with a 6L V8, but that’s just me…

1guyin10 says:

I’m with you there. It has that whole GM bland kind of vibe going, which is
bad for a Kia.

bomj12 says:

О, у нас на МКАДе такая же дорога ^_^

정원 이 says:

It looks nice!

juliadennehy says:

I’ll take my 2012 Liberty. Skid plates. And true 4wd. 20 mpg – keep the eco
light on…

05Forenza says:

Well, they do review new cars as their jobs. There aren’t a whole lot of
true 4×4′s out there anymore. They’ve done the Wrangler. Think they did the
FJ too. Lexus GX470 was in there. Those are all true off roaders.

Thomas Dekany says:

I wish for more honesty, unless you guys forget easy. How can 7.3″ be great
yet the 7.5″ under the Santa Fe received a “-” from you?

Robert Goudreau says:

Ford sucks,Kia rules.

Sam Amer says:

you know i have the 2013 R it’s way amazing but i think sometimes that some
kia cars like sorento {2013} is not slid like this 2014 is way
better…..love KIA 4 EVER

Yasir Qureshi says:

feeling soo good to see you both reviewing a car together after a long time :D

Wolffe Crowe says:

I don’t get buying new SUVs like this. Why not buy an old Jeep and do some
upgrades to it for cheaper?

TheK24Kyle says:

honda has to give you guys a pilot to try

wtrdogg20 says:

The conditions are not the same as they were with the Escape or the
Forester…. Comparing the Sorrento with the two previous vehicles at the
same spot would be unfair for those two SUVs, the Escape and Forester. A
muddy road is not the same as a completely covered on snow road. Please,
dont make me think I cant trust on your credibility anymore…

angeldeb2424 says:


vettet1 says:

isnt really a fair test there was little to no snow there at the time

David Ridout says:

That’s a strange looking engine bay.

evgenisib7 says:

Uhhh yes it is for an average everyday suv owner

Cruzin Streets says:

The oulander has all those compartments and rear space also.

dilyo624 says:

Are you using GoPro or Contour?

Alexander Degtiar says:

ваще ничего особенного, где тут бездорожье ?

Tim Joseph says:

Speaking of Kia, Kia just resumed production of the Kia Sedona as a 2014
model, and it’s the same styling like the 2012 model. Kia better redesign
the Sedona quickly, just like they did with the Sorento, Optima, Cadenza,
and Forte, because this is the only Kia model with outdated styling and
technology. And we all thought that Kia left the minivan market, because
Chrysler will lose the Town & Country minivan this year but still sell the
Dodge Grand Caravan.

SwPiotrek says:

Very nice car.

Zoe Oo says:

KIA?? you must be joking! it´s the worst piece of junk I had! NEVER MORE!

MarcLapensee says:

Thank you for the great video. Gives me an idea how the Sorento perform is
winter conditions.

nathan Davidov says:

Do an off road test of the Mitsubishi evo mr and a Subaru sti or a
Mitsubishi raillart

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