2014 Kia Sorento DETAILED Review on Everyman Driver

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omg101man says:

i would rather buy a Mercedes m class suv. 

xplorermanx says:

The name “KIA” sounds so stupid. Sounds like a car for someone who just
got their driver’s license. Amateur.

mutetender says:

And now the RPM sometimes doesn’t go up. No power at all. The worst car
that I have purchased ever. 2014 AWD KIA Sorento. All those who purchased
it will regret it if it is the Korean version. Problems of gear shifts and
transmission. Be careful. I will keep telling my story and advise all. At
least I might save one from suffering after a 6 months of buying it.

Yip Patrick says:

Give me a break, your review complain about the button on the back trunk?

Minccioshawott says:

this looks ugly sorento 2014, it shows very fat. The 2012 and 2013 versions
look better

longucd says:

It’s nice that you guys review so many cars. It’s bad that you guys are the
ones reviewing it.

Terry Henry says:

If this was comparison with the Ford Edge Limited who would win?

Cristian Principe says:

guys. it’s not a minivan. If you want more space, buy a Sedona!!!

bitkahuna says:

first thing guy in cap says is it’s a 2013. so which is it guys? fogs
look like ’14.

fandi1770 says:

9:25 – That’s why the button is created so that you don’t have to manually
close/open the trunk door…

nancycsp10 says:

Just purchased one yesterday and already noticing the difference coming
from a Jeep Liberty. It is much smoother and a lot of the features are
perfect for my kids. At 30K it’s become acceptable considering all the
features I am getting. Definitely happy. KIA has done a great job on this
vehicle. Props to them.

danny g says:

I bought a 14 sorento limited with everything exept the polished wheels on
October 2013 and I absolutely love it. I was actually looking at the 14
acura mdx which it was 45k w no rebates and it didn’t have the same
amenities than the sorento which was 38k but got it for 34k with 3 miles on
it. My fav thing is the push start and the pano roof, down side is it only
has a 14 gal tank and it could be a little quieter. 

Donny Ausby says:

I’d rather buy the honda pilot touring

mostmosk moskmost says:

have noticed the ghost at 7:00 ?

Donny Ausby says:

Da fuc did I type

Arcticarc1 says:

But what feature would you get in those luxury cars at that price? Nothing
even close to that. Would cost like 65-70K to get that in a benz, bmw, etc.

TheGabriel116 says:

Good review…

Tom Anderson says:

Awesome car owned for 1 year the best suv for the money.

shawnpbarnes1 says:

Nice to see Superman getting some screen time!

Stephen Hendricks says:

Have the last generation Kia Sorento (2013).The Sorento is often criticized
unfairly for interior space because it fails to provide the same 3 row
space of CUV’s like the Mazda CX9. Yet the KIA is 16 (!) inches shorter
than the Mazda and only 5-6 inches longer than the RAV4 and CRX, neither of
which offers a third row. It’s true that the third row is viable only for
children or short trips for 7 adults. But the KIA is a COMPACT CUV with
extra space and utility, not a midsize CUV lacking space.

alkeli78 says:

Great review guys! All reviewers should take note of what you guys did and
how you covered so much.

Mohammed Khan says:

Nice 80 yr old woman joke.

Rajendra Adhikari says:

Thanks for the review. Did you guys get a chance to compare it with the EX
model which has 18″ wheels? I am considering getting the SX model, but I am
not sure if the 19″ wheels will lead to a rougher ride quality. Any

Jesus Freitas says:

Do not get me wrong…this SUV looks outstanding and has so many features
that are very useful. Not only that but great power that a lot of SUV’s so
not have which is very stressful…buuuut I would not pay $41k for a KIA.
Yes they have got so much better in the years but so have other auto
industries. For that money I might as well buy a Volvo, or Mercedes SUV for
that price. Also agree with power trunk, cannot stand it!

dave dunn says:

You guys have the $40,0000 model of course its nice but who pays $40,000
for a kia

Jake Ryans says:

oh yesh, I’ve hit the Subscribe button, really into your reviews , find it
pretty informative and nice filming too. Your welcome!

NOLAItsNotOva says:

@OneNewOpinion Do that and watch your repair bills rack up

santos Ventura says:

Great video

Dave Hooker says:

hmmmm 2014 kia built in 2013?

Everyman Driver says:

That’s how I roll :-) Dave

HarryTheDoodle says:

Im glad Alex found the time between golf rounds to do his little car
reviews. Nice outfit…. At least Dave looks presentable, almost newscast
worthy….hmmmm, lol.

tmwall25 says:

@harrythedoodle; thats cause dave is a former anchorman over in i-da-ho

Lucas B. says:

nice car, great video:) ill keep watching:))

PaxhaWho says:

Good review

quietguy1948 says:

The Hyundai/Kia outfit is come a long way in a relatively short span of
time… They’ve especially done a good job in product definition as well as
quality and content. I enjoyed your review so, thank you!

Everyman Driver says:

Kal-El – Dave

Mohammed Khan says:


n777ua says:

That thing looks ridiculous. It won’t age well at all. No class, it’s
tactless. Perfect for people who don’t care about such things.

DRAGONIKification says:

go kill your self hater

TheGeniusNoodle says:

hey people im so confused about the kia sorento sx and the lx….. while
the lx has a small screen in the interior while the sx has a bigger screen
plz help


I suggest you check the KIA website for accurate warranty information.

TheMichaelRN says:

make it 10 years, all kia cars are covered bumper to bumper for a decade.

Seth Ragonese says:

Why don’t you review any fords?

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