2014 Kia Optima Turbo Review

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One more thing I forgot to mention in the video… The UVO infotainment system ties in with your cell phone. You must have a recent Android or IPhone to get …


Jerrick Allen says:

Well trade the thing in if it’s so annoying.

mike cloutier says:

OMG, First World Problems……what a friggin whiner. Trade it in then idiot.
Can’t see the heated seat or ventilated seat controls when the car is in
gear…..SERIOUSLY????? Your a douche.

Jaywbarrett75 says:

I have the same car and I bought it 2 months ago. I myself never met a
person who spends $30k+ on a car who sounds like they don’t like the car.
Test drive the car next time a couple of times, so you don’t have this
problem next time you idiot. And dude if you push the buttons for the lane
change or the heated steering wheel the icon shows on and off on the
dashboard. What an idiot.

TheBruceMagnum says:

Why all of the gripes? So what if the volume control is on the left? The
buttons are “rough on your hands?” You know what’s rough on my hands? Your

Enoch Cho says:

I just bought the car (2014 sxl) and am in love with it. But this is a
great, in depth review that really points out some of the car’s
shortcomings. Overall, this is still a fantastic ride that looks sexy as
hell and I have no regrets with this purchase. 

gothatway09 says:

I really like this car, though I wonder if it will look too gimmicky or
cheesey as the years pass. You know, like a sports car from the 80s or
early 90s.

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