‘ 2014 Kia Optima ‘ Test Drive & Review – TheGetawayer

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I spent two weeks with the Kia Optima, which has just been facelifted for 2014. A nice daily driver with tons of options for a small price … Deutscher Fahr…


proteanview says:

Ladies & Gentlemen… Hell just froze over. Guido is in a Korean
automobile. (moment of silence)
The Optima is the best looking, affordable family car. A lot nicer than
Honda & Toyota’s offerings. I didn’t know it could cost up to $47,000 in
Germany, though. You can get a base C-Class in The States for $40,000ish. I
like the Optima, too. They’re releasing a much more expensive model some
time soon. Don’t recall the name of it. I’d like to see your focus on high
performance cars, along with some variety here & there. Sounds like a good
formula. Another top-notch review.

tinydx95t2 says:

Guido it’s a great video and to be honest its a very nice change of pace to
see you in something very different is a nice change.

ki flex says:

to me ..it sounds like a tractor when you just drove off @ the start of the

jeebus2121 says:

For non-Europeans: 7.2l/100km is about 32.7mpg. 

Steve W says:

Interestingly Kia does not offer a Diesel in the USA. The only ones doing
so are VW, Audi, Mercedes and Jeep with Mazda promising to but not doing
so! Diesel fuel in the USA is at least 20 % more costly than gasoline and
with the added cost of the Diesel engine it isn’t that economical here.

TheGetawayer says:

Thank you for 15.000 Subs ! Here’s a new review: The 2014 Kia Optima

ali pontiac says:

Welcome back, i will be so happy if you can test drive and review the
Corvette Stingray

Ethan McCrory says:

Only shit, I just fell in love with that voice.

Jorge Tamacas says:

I think you should make this kind of reviews. It´s not always about sport

Robert Smith says:

Got to love the geterwayer reviews

MrRazvanel009 says:

the front of the car looks like skoda octavia III…imo

NuclearGrizzly says:

I had an Optima as a rental as was both surprised and impressed. It is
certainly a lot of car for the money. The one I rented had the 2.0 turbo
engine and was plenty fast. 

David Scotton says:

I liked this review. I like sports cars more, but the more videos you do
the better! Any chance of seeing you review a C7 Corvette?

N Drummond says:

Guido, is this what we get instead of a Porsche 911 GT3 review? You’ve gone
over to the dark side! Waiting for Macan review from you, also Boxter /
Cayman GTS. In the meantime, I’ll settle for a back-to-back comparison of
the 911 3.4 Carrera to the 911 3.8 Carrera S. 

garytanaka says:

Kia will never replace a BMW but I enjoyed your review.

Vacre7 says:

I regard this as a Porsche channel, but I am not surprised by the Kia. I
want to see more of your reviews, so review anything.

martin shobnasky says:

wow where were you?nice vid

bcop1534 says:

could you review a vw golf 2.0 tdi

sasajungic89 says:

It looks nice this new Optima. I’m surprised you liked it. I really didn’t
think you would. But from what I can tell it looks like a quality product.
Great review Guido :)

Mico Araújo says:

That’s a very good looking car…I’m not seeing myself buying a KIA Optima,
but as a fleet car for a company? I might say that’s the best option on the
market right now. I would be a happy cat with a company car like that KIA
instead of a VW Passat or a Skoda Superb. That Optima is really well
equiped…Diesel car with leather interior, xenon headlights, daylight leds
and Infinity sound system for under 35k €? Please yes…
As for the cheaper car reviews, I think that is a good option for your
channel. There are plenty of good cars to review under 50k. I’d like to see
some pocket rockets reviews also…hehe!

Take care Guido!!

derry jones says:

I like the kia to…. but only the top range models. They have made great
strides in improving there cars and info structure. Its on my short list of
cars I would buy. People think cars that sell in the us are not true
driver’s cars, but that’s totally wrong, our road trips last for days, and
after 8-10hrs of driving you will want a nice roomy cushy ride to. But we
dont get the desile in the us lucky germans…….. lol

Raul Marincas says:

yes, i think that you should start reviewing some cheaper cars, but please
keep those spaceships too 

bitumen83 says:

It starts at 26000 EU in my country..same as BMW 3 series.

Robert Smith says:

Got to love the geterwayer reviews

crowbird213 says:

This car seems to take the Pontiac Grand Prix crowd. Kind of busy/cheesy. I
would prefer the Ford Fusion or the new Mazda 6 to this kid car.

stoneeh says:

Lol I can hardly get my 1998 1,9 TDI Golf IV above 7l. If you can drive a
modern limousine in a spirited fashion and get it to 5-6l, that would be
good. But 7l sucks for a modern car tbh, even if it is bigger and heavier
than my Golf. But do I want big and heavy cars? NO.

I appreciate the review though, thanks for doing it. I drove a Kia Cee’d a
couple of years ago. They obviously improved on that, because I had never
driven a car before with a more disconnected steering and lazier engine.
You could rev the engine to redline and it would take 3-4 seconds to get
back to zero, lol. Even truck engines are more responsive :).

Everything else was decent, but it still felt mighty cheap. I drove a
Hyundai i20 too. Feels cheap too.

If I wanted cheap, I’d just take a Skoda. A Skoda is cheap too, but doesn’t
feel cheap.

Tomskii5 says:

Wohoooo Guido another of your reviews finally :D more to come this month? 

Arthur Sperotto says:

They can do whatever they want to the interior, the mechanic part is still
Korean. Sorry, I’m still trying to get over the “car discrimination”, but
Kia is right up there with the Prius, in my book… Anyways, great video,
Guido, as always! Thank you!

naftyloescher says:

lol als ich das Thumbnail gesehen habe dachte ich erst du testest jetzt den
neuen Octavia RS – was ist das denn für ein Abklatsch?

Roman Kofmehl says:

Never seen Kia this way to be honest, I’m really surprised! Ich mag ja die
klassische Limousinenform und der hier hat was! Contender for my next car

NYCaddicted says:

Video ist natürlich klasse, wie immer. Mit dem Auto anfreunden, kann ich
mich aber nicht so wirklich :) Es gibt zwar auch viele Autos, welche man
sich leisten kann und die auch super sind, aber Kia war leider noch nie so

Hatte selber überlegt, anstatt der S Klasse, mir jetzt mal die neue C
Klasse bei Avis zu holen. Freikilometer sind halt immer was feines :)
Müsste nur mal anrufen, ob diese auch die AMG-Line Ausstattung hat, sonst
würde ich nicht wollen :P


Juan Rafael Castro says:

Hi Guido, good review ! (●̮̮̃●̃)۶

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