2014 Kia Optima SX Turbo DETAILED review on Everyman Driver

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http://www.everymandriver.com/ – 2014 @Kia Optima SX Turbo DETAILED review on @EverymanDriver with @IMDaveErickson. Everyman Driver Monthly Newsletter – http…


Chimeng Yang says:

Did you even find that go pro from the 4runner video?

senorgato70 says:

Dave, would you ever consider doing a quick review of the trim levels for
your reviews? And include the key differences between trim levels? 

Han Lin says:

Im curious what car do you drive Dave?

Ventura Santos says:

Beautiful car

Everyman Driver says:

Here’s a GREAT 2014 @Kia Optima SX Turbo DETAILED review on @EverymanDriver
with @IMDaveErickson.

senorgato70 says:

The Optima is one of my favorite cars in the segment. Exterior design is
dynamic and sporty and the interior is sublime. I’m just wish it had an
AWD option. 

fernando montano says:

Kia and sista Hyundai SUCKS!!! Bulletproof 4 best cars to buy…

TheJackEbrown says:

I love my 2011 kia optima sx turbo. It was a bit uncomfortable at first til
I broke the seats in and the ride is a bit harsh but it handles great in
the curves. Its fast as heck too. I just raced a 5.0 litre mustang on a
curvy road the other day and totally out handled him. Very nimble car.
Great passenger room. I’m a big guy and smaller cars usually drive me
crazy. I’m a bit claustrophobic thus the reason I had to have the panaramic
roof. Honestly….I bought it for the amazing sound system. It totally
makes my tunes rock. I love the USB input. All my music is on a 32gb usb
memory stick I purchased for about $25. NO need to spend $300+ on an ipod..
My only complaint about the stereo is you have to hit ‘random’ everytime
you restart the car. That is so annoying and then it plays the same few
songs everytime until it actually goes into a real random pattern. Now that
summer is coming I’m loving the cooled seats. Like sitting on a block of
ice. The only problem I’ve had is the engine was replaced after a spark
plug exploded and like a dummy I kept trying to restart it thus scoring the
cylinder wall with the fragments. Kia of course replaced the engine under
warranty. Gas mileage could be better but I love to floor it too much!LOL
my previous car was a mercury sable..so you know i’m loving this car!LOL Is
Spicy Red and very sexy!! 

Govin Jodha says:

Sorry dave but im pretty sure the keyless entry feature is not a new
feature on this vehicle, it has been available from the refresh since 2011.

Sotiris Vasilopoulos says:

beautiful but its like a civic copy-paste

Franky just says:

Fantastic job bro, the car is nice for the price. Not to sue about the
turbo badge on the side of the car.

Tech Defender says:

Dave why didn’t kia send the sxL turbo? 

r1pster says:

If you choose a camry over this… I don’t what to say about you….

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