2014 Kia Optima EX In Depth Review | Capitol Kia

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2014 Optima EX In Depth Review | Capitol Kia | DGDG.COM http://www.capitolkiasanjose.com Phone: (888) 481-4186 Check out Joon’s Facebook as well! http://www….


robertomasymas says:

I like that car — I just tried to spec one of these online and I couldnt
get that leather trim with the EX and premium package — the only
options were both dark leather. Any chance you guys have a Limited you can
put on video?

Lewis Morra says:

if it wasn’t so poorly built and cheap, maybe…

Imatechguy says:

Ok the dance move was funny u caught me off guard wasn’t ready for that but
it was funny 

Jay Dimes says:

such a lame start man, c’mon you weren’t typing shit! just look at the
monitor screen…smh…

canomalo says:


Paul Rodelo says:

Super try hard start

Martell Greene says:

I dont drive camrys, accords or kia’s but if I did I would be riding kia’s.

James Lepair says:

Hello Guys, nice car, which color is that KIA OPTIMA you guys reviewed?

Rich Archer says:


Eden Maru says:

The beginning was unnecessary…. Lol

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