2014 Kia Cerato – EXTERIOR & INTERIOR

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An all-new version of the Cerato sedan is scheduled to go on sale during the first quarter of 2013 at Kia dealerships in many markets around the world. Sport…


samahalarab says:


hyylo says:

in the current economic crises i think people will want value for money.
BMW and Mercedes do not offer that. also in Europe kia sells are booming
and the Germans are making job cuts.

Daljit kaur says:

beautiful exterior and the worst interior. the interior is dull, boring and

김 준 says:

best looking car ever..

hyylo says:

the new kia optima looks just as good as the BMW 3 series and Mercedes C
class. also i agree with you about the options available in the cars from
the germans. KIA is working with google to bring maps to its cars which
will be great.

Agung Marsudiyono says:

Ready to ManCab Balikpapan

Presidentovich says:

Looks like another gay ford for grandparents.

East17A says:

but i will tell you some thing even that the BMW’s made and design well but
its reputation regarding long time ownership is not that good because of
the engine and cooling system made out of plastic that make these BMW wont
lass more than 10 to 20 years and the car is falling a part now remember
how much people pay for BMW !!! they didn’t get what their money worth
paying on these BMW plus fixing them is extremely expensive ..!!

godxxxofxxxutube says:

Honda should learn something from korea

FiredEmpire says:

is this sexy?…really…? not as impressive as the other well designed
korean cars, at least to my eye.

Shift4g says:

You aren’t wrong. However, winning in that area isn’t exactly beating them,
or I should say each of their models. Besides all that, I don’t think they
are even trying to beat them per se, just entice the market that wants what
the M and A offer. People with disposable income don’t prioritize value for
money as much as your average customer.

NiYaZ MTR says:

Fukk So sexy

Ilamaaran Ramakrishnan says:

i am gonna have threesome with guys in this car

Steve Boey says:

This music call cerato

bannymac says:

good but the in dash screen is too small .

schoolyardxgamerz says:

@hyylo they allredy did for this year look ay the kia k9

AhmEd HOoT says:

ممكن اعرف شكد سعرها بالدولار الامريكي

shwamsj73 says:

K3 존나똑같네 기아시발새끼들아

mehmet coşkun says:

Ford focus is behind the same

Steve Boey says:

This want to full

rjtxhellacute says:

I like the tech in the headlights but the styling of it isn’t sporty any
more and I think that was the appeal of the US version the forte… This
looks like every other ford or Honda compact car out already

ministerMR stock says:

한국에서는 볼수없는 풀풀옵션질 중형차가격 준중형

Alex Souriya says:

i want a grape soda now…..

ㅡ 훈남 says:

you can control the size of screen in option

Steve Boey says:

About this car have smart memory seat are new and powerfull

loaay alagely says:

اروع سيارة يا ليت عندي واحدة منها

hyylo says:

Mercedes and BMW should be worried. it took kia a few years from producing
crap cars to really good cars. how long before they make a premium car?
possibly in the next 2/3 years.

Iury Montenegro says:

gostei da Musica , manda o nome pf

Wojciech Jaruzelski says:

nice design

East17A says:

considering price .. value and dependability the design and the interior
design make that car as a compact is a very very good compact . honestly
maybe you would think comparing BMW quality to this car is out of limit ..

Steve Boey says:

This car is Kia cerato

armondm says:

they perhaps should be worried about pricing and standard options..but
certainly not styling? German cars are bland…this is just REALLY bland.

Shift4g says:

While the latter half of your comment is certainly true, the Germans don’t
need to worry just yet. There is more to beating them than just offering
similar types of luxury for less money. They would need to build a car that
is EVERY bit as good, in every judgeable area…for less money. Cadillac
and Lexus haven’t been able to do that yet for the same amount of money.

Santiago Figueroa says:

Look like the Hyundai sonata

Victor Hugo Oliveira says:

Top de mais

yusry zamzuri yunus says:

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