2013 KIA Sportage SX vs Hyundai Santa Fe Sport 0-60 MPH Mashup Review

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http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2013 KIA Sportage SX and the 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport have a lot in common. They are both 5 passenger Crossovers. They both …


dwoodog says:

Kinda disappointing when you see the numbers, almost 10 seconds on the
Hyundai. I have the Santa Fe and it feels fast, just doesn’t seem so on

light487 says:

Is the Santa Fe also known as “IX35″?

Also is the sportage shown here Diesel or Gasoline?

al liuk says:

kia piece of shit

Carlos Alfonso says:

The curb weight it’s not the same in both cars, so there is the difference,
Kia is a less heavy tha Santa Fe sport

tmars marston says:

The engine isn’t burning oil its the turbo making the smoke.

Subaru Guy G LO says:

nothing in common Santa Fe is the Sorento period
Tuscon is the Hyundai version so no comparison is improtent here and for
the dummass comments that said the huundai warranty is better its the same 

yoiko yoyogi says:

made in Korea lol

jaymuellermd says:

Nathan should lay off the potty mouth bit, makes wanting to watch reviews
for family crossovers with my kiddo around less cool. And it doesn’t
really add much.


Wilson Auto Group says:

Kia and Hyundai in the News! 2013 Kia Sportage SX vs the Hyundai Santa Fe
Sport! You decide…Come drive both at Wilson Hyundai and Wilson Kia on
Lakeland Drive near Jackson, MS! Great Prices, Great Deals and Great


MrKockabilly says:

You don’t compare acceleration of vehicles with different size and weight.
Santa Fe is midsize, bigger and 400lbs heavier. Sportage is compact.
Obvously the bigger one will lose the acceleration contest. Try Tucson vs

xplorermanx says:

Kia is a joke. They do not last. Hyundai have come a long way and
actually make good cars with top warranty.

mutetender says:

KIA is the worst car to own. I bought the 2014 Sorento and the car has gear
issues. Other buyers complained to the dealer who deny it. Be careful where
to spend your money. The worst decision that I took in my life. I SWEAR.

Court Mojo says:

sportage is a compact SUV, and santa fe is a midsized suv,same drive
terrain but give your heads a shake guys, seriously?

Court Mojo says:

santa fe is NOT the sorento, same motor maybe , COMPLETLY different
chassis/cabin/everything else . zero comparison

Hudson's Listowel Kia says:

2013 KIA Sportage SX vs Hyundai Santa Fe Sport 0-60 MPH Mashup!

나라 난 says:


Sharks MPTO says:

my Santa FE can beat that kia! i have the 6cilinder

MrDesert1973 says:

Kia Sportage SX *****

The Fast Lane Car says:

Ahhhhh now we get it…..youtube Troll language. Thanks for the

Vitaliy Kondrya says:

your suppose to compare the tucson vs, the sportage not the santa fe.

eleezy1989 says:

don’t forget that sportage is cheaper than santa fe

Hamish Ram says:

get the limited version turbo charged engine

Vladimir Cvetkovic says:

Agree but Tuscon doesn’t exist anymore, it has been replaced by ix35

TheBruces56 says:

Why not just race against each other?

ilanKJ says:

Hyunki 짱

Daniel Rios says:

They look drunk :S Lol

c8701 says:

They are not testing these vehicles correctly.

Ezalian says:

Once again I say, it’s not a DSG transmission, because I technically got
the same car as yours. =) A facelift 2010 Santa Fe with 2.2L R VGT CRDi
diesel that puts out 200ps, 436 N.m torque. Same platform, same engine and
gearbox just a different design and company.

tata tantan says:


granknight says:

they are separate companies with close relations they do not make each
others cars for one thing but they do share similarities in design specs
and features and no for the last time they are not the same company.

ssalll ssalll says:

ماشاء الله تبارك الرحمن

David Howard says:

Now Nathan you had to know to Kia was faster! LOL. I noticed every time the
Hyundai kicked in it blew out a little smog or whatever. Never seen cars do
that before. Roman when you said to Nathan, you ready to pucker it sounded
like you where saying ready to f her. Cause you said it so fast! LOL. I
noticed in Nathans 0 to 60 video the Kia going by his window. I’ve never
laughed so much from a car review. Thanks! Snazzy music BTW!

kevin12697 says:

You guys should do a comparison to the dodge journey and the nissan
pathfinder both with th V6

David Lee says:

Both let-out a puff of smoke (or maybe steam?) while accelerating hard.
Hope this engine does not burn oil…

ideaynojodas says:

This is a mash-up, not a match-up. cheers!

김 준 says:

they are putting accelation pedal so slowly when they check 0 to 60
..specially nethan whenever he is in hyundai..i think he gets paid by
japanese company…

bentou1978 says:

Wrong comaparison, Sportage should be compared with tucson & Santa fe
should be compared with Sorento

cho6596ok says:

Kia Good job car

Roman Darashenka says:

my old forester xt did 6.3 0-60. these shouldn’t be referred to as fast.
you have to be stupid to not get the forester. out of these choices I
actually have a Cadilac SRX now and its the best looks and an awesome

Jonathan Travis says:

You should do the Kia Sorento to the Nissan Milano Pleeeeeeeeeeease.

aaguzman20 says:

Down hill??

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