2013 Kia Soul ! Start Up, Exhaust, In Depth Review, and Brief Test Drive

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Hello and welcome to Saabkyle04! YouTube’s largest collection of automotive variety! In today’s video, we’ll take an up close and personal, in depth look at …


Vmt16 says:

It’s an automatic, right? So its useless….

leo_girl says:

Chime?! That thing screamed when it lost key detection

Veronica Todd says:

I love the strong detail you use in this video!!!

Mark Nelson says:

How is this car in the winter? I live in Alberta so needless to say I need
something that’ll be functional in our winters. Anyway from Canada (or
northern USA) have anything to say about how this car handles in the
winter? Thanks.

Terry cobb says:

I have a 2013 kia soul the tire and wheel warranty is not being honored by
kia so I will settle it in court with agll the paperwork I have they will
not win.Either way I will be out of my obligations with them because they
defaulted first on the contract.The dealer say I have coverage Kia refuses
to pay up.Secondly the car rides like crap you feel every bump on the
highway many people have complained but still no changes.The controls are
horrible you have to keep touching the cruise to get it to set. The mpg
setting in the dash is very difficult to operate resets don’t want to work
the program stinks.IPod doesn’t play unless you BUY the patch cord they
have for it instead it being given rightfully to the customer.Because this
is actually one of the. reasons I bought this car it should either be a
recall a mailing with an apology cord included.But certainly not be making
money off of a mistake.This car is also %100 Korea so make no bones about
it there is no America involved yes there’s a few design teams in
California that pennys on the dollar.They will most likely delete this but
I will keep posting and informing and building websites withing my legal
rights.You can bet on it.

drew poblete says:

Can you do a review of kia picanto

Taj Tampa says:

does the spekers lights up

Tamera Church says:

My dream car! Thanks for this detailed review!!

bassoon442 says:

Is it just me, or does the chime sound like the older toyota/lexus?

Joana Mistak says:

Do u love this car do u have any problems with it

Saabkyle04 says:

May God have mercy on your SOUL! :P
2013 Kia Soul ! Start Up, Exhaust, In Depth Review, and Brief Test Drive

Aman Greatman says:

We are test driving a paceman countryman soul and juke all on the twelfth
of October

King Leonidas says:

i wasn’t trying to be rude….just stating the facts… its just a big pain
to w8 for a week and c an ugly car in my sub box!

camoboy1130 says:

I love the speakers options pretty unique

puyallup says:

Please unsubscribe. One less ungrateful shitface to comment on his videos

Greg Webb says:

holy shit. all this tech at only $23,XXX i’m seriously going to buy one day.

Tiana Wilson says:

That sounds like a lexus

joalmanes . says:

did he get rid of the red charger

cati renee says:

kinda want this car now lol mainly for the lights around the speakers lol
jk but it is a very nice car . good job on the review!!!

MrNehva says:

the world does not turn around you, some people are interested in
affordable cars instead of super cars, why don’t you review them, instead
of uploading 2 anime videos, show some respect to the guy…

Grand ops says:

It’s kind of windy we couldn’t hear eny thing

TomZentra says:

Very good, thorough review. But I would not buy this car. It’s the typical
small, noisy 4-cylinder.

kennedy326 says:

Um is the exhaust system rusting already?

kathleenthomas1952 says:


Nicolas Sanabria says:

beri good bideo

jandrus8828 says:

I don’t care what anyone says, this car is not ugly. I love the design.

Dylan Smith says:

They don’t want to be made fun of.

King Leonidas says:

go read my comment it says: “aventador roadster”

CarterMc3 says:

I want so bad. I just imagine myself pulling into the parking lot of school
and everyone telling me how cool my Kia is. I’d take a Kia over one of
those pick up trucks any day.

jthompson8029 says:

It has an amazing sound system!

CarterMc3 says:

I wondered the same thing myself.

Jasmine Blaise says:

Great Review Thanks!

King Leonidas says:

hey lala, how about you tell ur sister to review my gear shift….she can
ride it anytime…i’ll be gentle…

TerryFilming says:

Haha right. Go back to watching your anime, kid. You act like you’re
something, btu you’re really not. Go watch “Zoro” or whatever the hell you
enjoy watching. Let the older guys watch cars.

mjzatio says:


j pt says:

Dont feed the troll…he’s just a troll..

KnightWingFan1 says:

I hope you do more later in the summer =D

KillinMeBiggieSmouse says:

I have an extremely stupid question, but my computer doesn’t want to work
right now, so your entire video won’t load. This car does come with a USB
port, correct? And is the “trunk” space as bad as it looks. I have this car
on hold at a lot because I’m interested, but I want an owners opinion.

King Leonidas says:

comments r for opinions dumbass…the joke’s on u bitch!

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