2013 Kia Soul DETAILED Review on Everyman Driver

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2013 Kia Soul Exclaim Review on Everyman Driver with Dave Erickson. Please visit http://www.everymandriver.com/ Support the EMD Team with a $20 Gas Card via …


Nicholas P says:

I don’t think it’s ugly. I would buy it just for the look of it.

Davor Novakovic says:

Nice car, not ugly. American cars are ugly and each is like a truck. I got
this car, it’s great

Kia Soul says:

Get to know the strengths and weaknesses of the 2013 Kia Soul Exclaim (!)
by watching this video.

maxracer tejada says:


Mohammed Jaffer says:

Dave, i watch TFLCar just as much as i do other auto review channels on
youtube and i was wondering where you were lost since you hadnt put up a
video on TFL for the longest time. I dont know what happened – But im glad
you’re back on youtube with regular videos and a good co-host! Subscribed!

adrian macias says:

The new Kia Soul looks better

tim allen says:

can you explain why those cars are built for luxury,performance and
handleing also there way up in the 50+ range. This is a small engine,ok
fuel economy and luxary is not what it is. Im not trying to be rude but why
would you pick this overs ,other than you actually dont own those cars and
your getting old.

Keegan Hamilton says:

I think it is a cool and good looking car. Not at all ugly

Don Carner says:

2013 “+” is key-start.

Joe Wilder says:

Thanks, I’ve heard about the poor mpg. You confirmed it.

Cole Thornton says:

those glasses are huge

Michael Gonzalez says:

Wow did not realize MPG were that bad! My 05 Accord V6 with 137,000 miles
can pull 27mpg in mixed driving. It’s rated 21city 30highway

leapanderson says:

Good point Simone.. You cant find one with better for the price.. seems to
be a certain push to trash this car… but its not working.. theres a lot
of them on the road now.. and I haven’t spoken to anyone who owns one who
isn’t happy with their choice.

UNMsmith says:

Alex, your outfit is an awesome fit for the car! You guys are great!

tmwall25 says:


Fred Clemons says:

And I don’t think this car is ugly at all, I think it’s has very cool,
unique look. It turns heads, that’s for sure

Keshawn Johnson says:

Ugly? Was that really called for not everyone had the same taste/liking as
you do. That’s very unprofessional. That’s one thing I like about Kyle from
saabkyle04 on YouTube he doesn’t say he’s personal thought of the car like
if he thinks its “ugly” or if he thinks its the car everyone should be
driving he just makes a very well organized video about them

Simone Stella says:

Try to find a car with as many standard features as a Kia Soul. Good luck.

Anthony Haga says:

My wife and I bought a Kia Soul (mostly because it fits child seats better
than the Rio which was the other car in our budget). We bought a 2012 Soul
+, and we average 26MPG combined, and 30 even on the highway. Those numbers
are consistent, but we live in Ohio, and maybe the elevation has something
to do with it. Even when I’m being “hard” (kind of a misnomer since it
still is an econobox) on it we still manage 23MPG. It’s got to be elevation
or something, we do better than EPA a lot.

rockabillygone says:

Very poor unprofessional/bias review – both reviewers. I love the front
clip of this vehicle and the overall stance. So tired of the hundreds of
mold-stamped sedans and SUVs. I went and looked over the options and prices
- not bad. You guys shouldn’t be such tools about a car that may be the
next Mini/Fiat fad. Truth is, the masses are plain fed up and sick of the
over-priced sameness in the Pilots, Corollas, Civics, etc. I think you may
have sold me. I’m look’n at an “Alien” model tomorrow.

tomcat13claws says:

I think it looks cool.

Billy Sou says:

Alex , there are more trim levels, so you don’t have to look hideous.

MrKilluuuu says:

I have a 2013 Base stick shift around 29 to 33 miles per gallon have the
small engine. I love it is simple cheap and works. No power no problem is
to take me from point A to B. I had a Cor rolla and before that a Civic I
like to keep my cars for 11 to 12 years and put over 200k miles I think
this KIA has to go in 3 years or it will break down lol

Billy Sou says:

Also, Hyundai/Kia fibbed about their fuel economy numbers. Thus, they had
to fork some fuel gift cards to their buyers. For them… ouch.

Daniel Cardona says:

its not as boxy as a fucking scion now that is literally a box on wheels.

Don Carner says:

NO WAY! They musta been leaning together for the camera! My wife and I have
LOTZA elbow room. We both commented on that aspect of the video and said
the same thing….Whoa!

scoobasteve says:

Where those sweet, sweet acid wash jeans in your closet or did you buy them
just for this occasion?

venictos says:

You guys should review the Kia Cadenza! That would be very interesting to
see. :) Also, try the Ford Mondeo.

jorge romani says:

hey Alex does the car come standard with those great looking sneakers you
were wearing? if it does then im sold!!!

Everyman Driver says:

@Cole Thornton – Those glasses WERE huge. Alex is a brave, brave man :-)

Everyman Driver says:

@venictos – we will be reviewing a both the Kia Sportage and Kia Rio later
this month – Dave

im me says:

idk why you think its so ugly, my soul looks badass, i got black rims on it
and it and its the titanium color, definitely fresh in my opinion

speecher1959 says:

After seeing Alex’s shoes, I could no longer process any further
information regarding the car.

fookiemonster says:

Alex looks like a serial killer from the 70s

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