2013 Kia Rio Sedan Test Drive & Compact Car Video Review

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http://www.autobytel.com/kia/rio/2013/ The Kia Rio is one of the lowest priced cars on the market today. In the past the Rio was known as a simple form of tr…


chris chiang says:

Ugly front headlights

PianoXfan1 says:

I was going to say, “$18,500.00 and you got yourself a deal”. Asking for a
2 thousand dollar discount is a bit too much, I doubt they would do
anything, but then again, there are a ton of kia dealers. I could try
different prices here and there. I’ll give that a shot. If it works, I’ll
let you know.

Kenzcreation says:

I like the Rio sedan !! Just looks great compare with the forte.

김 준 says:

peter only design exterior and interior.not engine or any device in
there..kia has good tech by its own…

PussMag says:

this or a 5-year-old BMW ?


10 years 100,000 mile warranty…..enough said!

alexandergoldman says:

nice review. I prefer the Rio 5-door hatchback, but agree, the sedan is a
great looking car. Haven’t test driven one yet but should be very
competitive in the segment.

Faith Coleridge says:

Also if you can wait two to three more months you will get a better deal
when they start anticipating the arrival of the 2014 cars.

CAP198462 says:

I have this car and first the looks are cribbed from the 2010 Civic SI so
ignore them. The only thing that really gives any feel are the brakes,
accelerator is twitchy, steering has, with the ESC on, a big dead zone
before it moves the tyres.

ladyyuna2000 says:

I like them both

franki3Ru550 says:

I like his review! Not like other people in my opinion! His more natural
and just being himself not trying to show off! I like that

Mike Smith says:

Sorry even with FORDS improvements this car and warranty beat it RESALE
hands down.

PianoXfan1 says:

The Kia Rio5 LX Sedan in Canada costs $16,700.00 Add prices for shipping
(even though its in the lot) :( $1,700.00 If you want a different colour
than white, it will cost an additional $350.00 Because I will pay full in
cash, they offered a $500.00 discount, plus a $1,000.00 discount if I buy
this month… Total, with tax is around $19,105.00 or so. Is this a steal
for my first car? Or should I be more careful?

fvgotch says:

I agree this car gets more interesting as you check it out and drive it

Fussinated says:


filoIII says:

I’m considering it. Is your driving just straight and slow? I have hills,
curves, & a 100 round trip commute.

WinstonLights87 says:

i have this car. and i get 42 mpg avg

Allen3697 says:

I like the Hatchback better, but this car looks great.

Faith Coleridge says:

You never know until you try. Give ‘em the lowball see how they swing. All
thy can do is say no and offer you a lower deal than their original. I’d
rather look like an ass making my offer too low than look like an ass
paying more than they would have taken.

PianoXfan1 says:

The best deal I could get was actually really good. The dealership would
have lost a few hundred on it. $19,000.00 and $200.00 tint ($350.00 off)
and a $200.00 service voucher. It ended up being a great deal. Other
dealerships said they’d be fired for doing a deal like that. I was going to
buy it, but after a few more test drives, it turns out I’m not happy with
the way my right leg rests on the console. It’s sore after awhile. I’m too
big for these cars, I’m 6″4′. No car for now. :(

PianoXfan1 says:

I’m still thinking about a 2012 new Kia Rondo. My mother has the same car;
however they have only one left, and they are offering it for $19,800.00
after tax. That’s around $5,000.00 off. I’m thinking about it, but I don’t
really want a large vehicle like the Rondo. The reason it’s got a good
price is because the Rondo 2014 is coming out soon. So, yes, waiting for
the new models is definitely a good idea for better deals.

CAP198462 says:

Still just a cheap car to go from A to B, Ford might have a bad reputation
for reliability, but IMO in this class they make the better car.

Faith Coleridge says:

Tell them you want it at $17,500 out the door or you’ll find a new dealer.

afterstars says:

How does this Kia Rio 5door match up with the Honda Fit? Any suggestions

Gray Toonic says:

Well, its a great looking car – and honestly – i agree with his
introduction that RIO used to be the joke of sub compact (it’s freaking
ugly)…but now, its a wow! more so, in the near future, maybe, we
shouldn’t have The Hulk do the reviews and test drive compacts… :D

mlps93 says:

When are you testing the new Honda Civic

Marlan Chase says:

I like this review! I’m getting this car

David Halifax says:

Honda Fit is still the king of sub-compact cars, but we’ll have to wait and
see how the new Versa Note stacks up. I still like the Rio hatch version.

filoIII says:

Are Kias actually reliable? I mean 250000 miles reliable?

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