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The 2013 Kia Rio sedan reasserts its appeal as a value oriented 5-passenger sub-compact offering impressive style and fuel economy. Compare cars, read review…


PussMag says:

today’s vs. yesterday’s Rio are apple and orange, Kia might wanna just
change the name since they do not carry over or share anything at all

blue2elmer1 says:

Test drove it and ended up getting the Sonic LT with turbo and 6 speed
stick instead. The Rio was well put together, but the manual tranny was not
available on anything but the base. In addition, the torque of the Sonic
sold me over. Both are awesome looking cars. And very good fuel economy.
Now my full size Impala only sees duty on weekends.

filoIII says:

I thought the Rio and Accent get 40mpg hwy.

Mohammed Jaffer says:

stop wondering guys, thats what happens when you have a manufacturer who
needs to undercut prices to get into the market fast.. kia needs to sell
sell sell right now, and the fastest way to get that going is by packing
thier cars to the brim at the lowest possible price.. actually being good
cars to own for the long term is a totally different topic though..

CAP198462 says:

I have one and the accelerator is VERY twitchy, the pedals aren’t
positioned very well and ESC is noticeably intrusive, it’s a Korean copy of
a 2010 Civic SI. Look at the Ford Fiesta or Mazda 2 instead.

CAP198462 says:

why did tap this video, these people don’t know what they’re on about, this
review smacks of canning.

knightx09 says:


TheJoncic says:

They did but the EPA busted them for exaggerating their numbers.

James Davies says:

One of the great things about Kia is that it is both Athlentic and Asia.
From the days of the rental car company. With great poduct lines like the
Quality King, Kia sports car that beat ford, and Amanti luxury SUV it has a
great future.

Michael Anderson says:

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