2013 Kia Rio 4-Door Sedan Walk-Around Video Folger Kia East Charlotte NC

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Lakshmanan AG says:

Yup.. Alrright !!!

uncluckinreal says:

Goint to buy one in Baton Rouge tommorrow.

MegaLoveKorea says:

Those are not sixteen inch alloy wheels- Those are steel wheels with cheap
plastic hub caps :S

Kira Lawliet says:


Daniel Bitar says:

I’m 6foot, I’m still protected by airbags!………. LMAO

Raashid Nazeer says:

I have seen allot of reviews in my life and I got to admit that this its
the best

Justin Love says:

Thats not an alloy you dummy!!!! omg

iiiusion says:

those aren’t allow wheels

AntiqDollz says:

He sounds like he’s not really sure about the car :/

pelon1217 says:

hub caps are alloy now?

Justin Love says:

ALL my fishing and golfing utensils ???????

Rios Olazabal Kelvin Jose says:

ty bro

Justin Love says:

What does well equipped have to do with rock chips in a headlight??????

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