2013 KIA Optima SX DETAILED Review on Everyman Driver

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http://www.everymandriver.com/ – 2013 KIA Optima SX DETAILED Review on Everyman Driver with Dave Erickson. Support the EMD Team with a $20 Gas Card via Paypa…


kevinranders says:

The rear sunroof doesn’t open…perhaps not be a moron before doing a

g10v411 says:

I go for honda

Everyman Driver says:

2013 KIA Optima SX DETAILED Review on @EverymanDriver with @IMDaveErickson

Everyman Driver says:

FYI: Youtube has been flagging a bunch of my past videos for various & odd
reasons. I won’t bore you with the details, suffice to say, I am making
the necessary/required edits and replacing them with revised versions
including a handful of my 2012 reviews. Thanks for your understanding –

santos Ventura says:

Great video guys

shawnsent says:

stupid kia, left out manual tranny on a turbo model. thats pathetic

Bro Lee says:

Nice car

Pendelton King says:

This is honestly one of the best cars you can buy. I strongly recommend it
to anybody who wants luxury done right.

Chung Fat Lee says:

Good review!!

Gregory Chen says:

That is the most un biased review from Alex in a while. Keep up the great
work guys :)

nukeurhouse12 says:

Kia is just pure shit!! unreliable…slow…and cheap!

Bone Man says:

asymmetric dash AAAAHHHH my ocd won’t let me get this car now.

Don Vito Corleone says:

Copying to mutch Honda Accord ?? stupid korean , like a crap quality
samsung or lg

vtlsl says:

Thanks 4 the review guys, wouldn’t buy the Korean car for that money though.
You are often using the phrase “all the bells and whistles” but do you
realize that this phrasal verb expression is actually meaningless ans
annoying?.. Just an observation. Good review, as always, nice job.

Pedro Teixeira says:

“Beiing a Kia I expect it would feel cheap” – How long have been reviewing
cars? In the last 4 years Kia has the same or better quality as any other
“next level” brand.Still not in the level as a premium, but better than
Honda, Mazda, Peugeot, etc..

Ahmed Shahreer says:

Dave are these old video, or are they actually new?

Andrew Braun says:

Cool, thanks for the heads up Dave!

EliteMmbiz says:

Are you guys back together doing videos again? 

Emmanuel Gentile says:

bought my SXL one year ago. I thought Kia’s were crap until I sat in it and
then drove it. The leather is supple the heated and cooled seats are
something I never knew I needed and now I don’t know how I could handle not
having them. The engine is powerful and smooth. The best part is the lease
cost makes the car even more affordable. Luxury, Value, and refinement. Go
drive your Mercedes, BMW, or Audi. Great cars, but I can’t justify the cost
when you get so much from the Optima SXL.

Kevin Moore says:

Nice review I was also surprised by Alex’s comments, but this is a car to
nock. Kia really getting their act together. I’ve owned three Accords,and
it’s a rough decision to change….

Islam Daghestani says:

is he really back ya 

gene978 says:


Naniie Rivera says:

i LOVE the way this car drives. it handles so tight and you can EASILY pass
up other cars in this. it takes some getting used to turn wise or go wse,
bc you sometmies take off too quick, but i love the drive of this car soo
much. although even w the rear seat folded down, trunk space is far less
than the crosstour. but still, the handling of this car got me

robert Last says:

The optima is on par w/Accord & definitely better than mazda.. Ive owned
all 3, optima is not (cheap) its reliable, quality interior, better than
2013 Altima.. (I test drove that too), i have sx Limited, very fast,
efficient, adequate power, smooth ride.. Ive had it for a year now..
Absolutely No complaints.. If it were crap i would be the first to say
it!!.. So until any of you nay sayers drive the car.. Dont speculate on
what you think you know.. Drive it & then find out.. This is a quality
car.. All around.

Victor Oneto says:

This is a rerun!!

dustinman00 says:

Would you recommend an Altima V6?

SagaAcademica says:

I like Optima, looks so good. And how equiped interior has car for that
price isn’t bad. Also the Kia badge wouldn’t bother me. A car with soul.
(and I don’t have one, I’m not the owner).

Linux Addict says:

Welcome back blonde guy..

Donny Ausby says:

This car is not better than Honda nor Mazda. Kia’s are known to be cheap.
Last time I checked, when were Kia’s not cheap? They still are… And the
Kia Sorento is an expensive ripoff. Let me guess… You own a Kia or one of
your family or friends do.

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