2013 Kia Optima Review

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famousamos says:

Buying a KIA car was one of the best purchases I have ever made. 

melonbarmonster says:

intro music way too loud and voice too low

Ryan Alonso says:

$35,500….for a KIA? Lul

Cris Garcia says:

no its not a chicks car. the thing is kia isnt a really big company when it
comes to car styling until now. i like my kia. well i use it more when im
going out with my family or taking my girl out to dinner. my main car is a
Mitsubishi Evo X <3 ! damn shes a babe

dumpbut says:

what was that all about at 2:32

DCNationVideos1 says:

Thanks man , how much did you get it for??

bsp1148 says:

I am having a blast just embarassing you on Youtube for your childish
dimwitted comment, you desperado baby. LOL I see that you have been hurt.

bsp1148 says:

LOL, you must be most lacking a class since you are depending on your damn
car for your self respect. You are a total dickhead.

Sondra M says:

cause its a kia :p they arent a big brand, but then they released this
awesome car

RS JR says:

loser, you will never have anything more than asian fantasies and nothing
more than your pathetic life while you sit home and man up behind a
keyboard. tell you what, I will do you a solid. i will introduce you to an
asian girl so you dont have to jack off to the korean and japanese ones you
watch on your pc as much as you can. deal?

PussMag says:

are you saying Kia’s 10yr warranty isn’t Transferable?

PussMag says:

it is hard or not so hard to carry it all 10 years warranty, one of the big
things is it must have a clear title, or else warranty is gone

virtualtechie2012 says:

Just got the Kia Optima SX Turbo “(2013)

Hideaki ArLOk says:

thanks for the video

Tim Weber says:

If its certified pre-owned you get the full warranty. I just bought a fully
loaded 2012 kia optima SX for $24500. The sticker was $31700 so I am very
happy with the deal I got. It had 17577 miles on it but I got the full 10yr
warranty so I am not worried about it. Check out Car gurus when looking for
a used model. Hope this helps

Calvin Klien says:

Still better than all Accords, Camrys, Altimas and anything in it’s class.

Alex Pana says:

Windnoise in this car is very bad. Like cheap car bad you know. Compared to
Honda sound isolation is terrible.

A2cool says:

Are you saying Evo is not great in the Optima? I love mine

thecarconnection says:

The downsides? It will have some miles on it, and it won’t have Kia’s long
warranty. That’s about it.

Phillip Marlow says:

Great looking car. It’s a shame the backseat room is so lacking.

Daniel Chachanashvili says:

1. pronounces Audi wrong 2. The Optima starts with a 1.7 L version, and its
192 HP wheres this guy getting his facts it is a good looking car tho and

bsp1148 says:

LOL, hey you sound too pathetic already. What’s the matter? Can’t you
handle it like a toughie, boy? All you need is a real expensive nice car to
bring back your pride and happiness. Somehow though, I get a feeling that
you can’t even afford an insurance on a damn Yugo. LOL

TourdeFrance20131 says:

I got an astra coupe 2.0 16v turbo 200hp stock And drives like a golf R.
Sport suspension setup. Top speed 155mph 0-100 in 5.5s well it is tuned.
0-200 in 22s. Gas mileage 65 Miles per gallon with cruise control. Normal
driving 50 Miles per gallon. Speeding all the time 34 Miles per gallon.

DCNationVideos1 says:

Hey i just wanted to ask you what do u mean ruins your pride?? is it like a
chick car or??

bsp1148 says:

Did that hurt you? You better think first before you open your damn mouth
next time.

Scach P.N says:

Do mor gesticulation, i can’t understand

CeeDeeWalk says:

What do you think of an used 2011 Kia Optima, what would be a drawback from
getting an used one? ? ________________ I make vlogs!! Check them out if
you want. – ceedeewalk

RS JR says:

“Did that hurt you”????? LOL, you are just like the rest of the “keyboard
warriors” out there. Big boy behind a desk wacking off any chance you get.
You are a loser..LOSER!

Geordo1960 says:

I like this reviewer, down to earth, and pleasant.

david dykeman says:

‘Kia now has one of Audi previous lead designers. I wouldn’t buy one of
these for a few years yet. I stick with my German cars. My 07 GTI with
225,000 km on it still runs like new.

Acekiller29 says:

why doesnt it get respect?

CmanCorporations says:

AUDI? A car reviewer who can’t pronounce Audi correctly?

dirtymonkey03 says:

At first when you look at this car you think it’s a good looking car, but
after seeing it everyday on the streets you’ll realize it isn’t that great

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