2013 Kia Forte Koup SX Test Drive & Car Video Review

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http://www.autobytel.com/kia/forte-koup/2013/ The 2013 Kia Forte Koup is a vehicle aimed at the younger generation; those without kids or a family yet. This …


maximus9401 says:

for this kind of money, in this class, the civic si (if you want sporty) or
the civic ex-l (lux type) is clearly the better choice in my opinion

Yezzla Fluxzey says:

Not to mention half these guys in the comments seem to think buying a real
fancy car or getting a stang or comarro will actually get them somewhere.
You know what I find interesting? Girls actually go for the guys with a
lower class car than some jock in a Mustang GT. You know why? Because guys
that buy a big fancy car spend all their hard earned money trying to show
off and put themselves in debt. I have seen it a thousand times. A 19 year
old spending all his income just on a car.

Sirradal says:

I’ve had mine’s since August ’12 and it’s proven itself to me. Reliable,
fuel efficient, sporty, and prime for some aftermarket goodies.

Yezzla Fluxzey says:

I’ve always been the kind of guy that wanted a luxury car like a BMW or a
Nissan GTR sports car but then I realized.. It isn’t worth it. This car can
get me where I am going just the same but for a way better price. Now I am
a pilot and planes are a different story. The airframe on a plane last
pretty much forever and all you have to do is overhaul on engine every 5000
hours and annual inspections. So yeah, the price of planes go up over time,
so why would I buy a big fancy car that loses value and deteriorates?

Hudson's Listowel Kia says:

2013 Kia Forte Koup SX Test Drive & Car Video Review!

Kia Store East says:

Need some get up and go? Try a Forte SX.

fvgotch says:

Go find yourself a job first moron.

ryan kelly says:

civic si lol

gil zur says:

And if Im old fart looking for some screws ?

iamgod6990 says:

At the end of the day its a kia.. enough said


genesis coupe ?

Bry Man says:

You can also get alot from the Accord coupe, Veloster Turbo coup, Elantra
coup for around the same price range as the forte.

valante7 says:

I am thinking about buying this one.

lizzy prasad says:

Yeah, why not! Considering that the Civic Si and VW GT (though they’re nice
cars) have more horsepower and both cost $3,000 to $4,000 more than that
Kia coupe.

Theugly Sirmadame says:

You must have 1999 Honda Si which you call car…. Loser

Anne O says:

I’ve never had crappy mpg with my forte koup. Depends on where and how fast
I am driving but I get btw 25-42.

supercooled says:

That is what the true definition of a poser is. I love (hate) how fake
ballers buy entry level ‘luxury’ cars and think they’re driving Bentleys. I
rather drive something econobox with good value and best bang for the buck.

chrisdblue says:

on what plant are you from where you think a kia and merc are in the same
class!!??? your retarded number one. number two i never said i thought i
was elite, i said i refuse to buy jap crap. so yes i drive germain. and if
u go on the streets and ask people what they consider a middle class car, i
bet NO ONE mentiones a mercades. everything you said, is wrong.

Riley Bowen says:

i have a 2012 KIA forte 4 door with a manual shifting option but its no
paddle its stick i want to use it but don’t know how some one pleas help i
have searched Google all over for how to.

Christian Silva says:

Honestly you can’t beat the features of the Kia’s as of recently. Factoring
in just price , on paper the Kia wins in every category. But there’s more
to a car than how much it costs and although the Koup is appealing I don’t
know if it’s right for me.

chrisdblue says:

i fucking hate honda u idiot. what the hell are you talking about.

john dalton says:

If they put the genesis 2.0t engine in this thing it would be a nice
mazdaspeed3 competitor!

NeutralGenericUser says:

I’ll take the Scion tc or the 2013 Civic Si :)

김 준 says:

I have this car..it’s great!

schoolyardxgamerz says:

Fuck sion tc!!! 19 grand for base and its 70% plastic!!!!


put 1k more and get genesis coupe lol

77rxpharmacy says:

one day you will learn that you just made a complete fool out of yourself.

Owen Hasler says:

a base forte sx costs $18,800 with a manual transmission. when it is fully
loaded with an automatic, it gets to $24,700. so when you compare this car
to other cars, remember what your comparing, base to base, this is over
$7,000 less than a frs/brz.

IcedCoffee81 says:

in your dreams loser!

Theugly Sirmadame says:

The back looks like a Tc? This guy is f**** blind. The koup has no equal..

lizzy prasad says:

After all, they don’t know what they’re missing. The haters could keep
hating but I ended up buying a 2012 Forte sedan when I originally wanted a
Civic or a Corolla. They’re nice dependable cars but they didn’t catch my
heart like the Forte has, which gives me more power, room, and value for
the money too. I’m glad your Optima’s a good car.

Theugly Sirmadame says:

Shut up you Honda bitch.. The koup Rocks

palebeachbum says:

That’s just it. The people who hate the most are the most inexperienced and
clueless in regard to the cars they hate on. I like Kia! They’re stylish,
relatively inexpensive, come with a stellar warranty. With that being said,
I drive a Nissan, lol.

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