2012 Kia Rio Video Review – Kelley Blue Book

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FOR PRICING & SPECS ON THIS CAR VISIT: http://www.kbb.com/kia/rio/2012-kia-rio/ Where previous iterations of the Kia Rio won over buyers with low purchase pr…


Trent Fergus says:

Getting mine on Saturday :)

trickykid3000 says:

i really wish they would include the wattage of the stereo systems. car
websites sometimes make it impossible to fine, or dont have it listed.

YouKnowWhatItIs3000 says:

I’m trying to decide between this and a Honda fit. Any suggestions?

Cʟᴀᴜᴅíᴀ Zɪᴍᴍs says:

@soyntgo4it I know. He was trying to make a point. He should have went to
nissanusa before posting xx

techdude6693 says:

@cb7pwn Well your Supra is an upper class vehicle. This is one of the
cheapest cars in america. Their upper class vehicles come standard with all
of it

WoZIMoo says:

@solarlightning Small cars handle better than a Camry. A Camry drives like
a bag of shit, I know, we own one. And the “Korea can’t make reliable cars”
is bullshit. We have an 07 Camry and an 07 Santa Fe and the Camry spent so
much more time in the garage even when we drive it much less than the Santa

flatblackstrat says:

@casmatori A JDM Supra? They are kind of all JDM since they were all built
here. Also a JDM would need lot’s of different kinds of work done to pass
emissions. What would be the point might I ask?

shououdragoon says:

True but the Fiesta is too expensive tho for what you get with, and the

checksandbalences says:

No longer a laughable car is it. Its really grown up. I really like these
new rio.

Freddie Krueger says:

I have a 2012 4dr Rio, seen as high as 42mpg on the hwy, and got it for
under $14000, try buying a new Honda for that price. It steers fine, brakes
fine, and has a timing chain good for 250k miles. Honda’s interference head
will cost you if the belt breaks. Had it for almost a year and love it. And
anyone who buys a lowly 1.6L and expects power…

tailsiswatching says:

That’s how the base models of compact cars are.

jet79637 says:

I’d rather spend $21k on a well taken care of used vehicle, or $16k for
that matter.

Rainer L says:

Acceptable. I am on a 3400 km trip to Queensland and I have no problem with
the minimal Road noise. It also depends on the Tyres one uses. Mine are
Continental 17 inch

hikari94122 says:

@nufarovsabir cuz all you can afford is 16, lmao.

NS says:

Thanks. Do you know what revs you are at when in 6th at 110 kmh ?

menofat1 says:

0:28 did i just see a fiesta coupe??? do they sell these in the US???

3319Adrian says:

In 2006 I got a brand new Kia rio for 12k

hikari94122 says:

I got this car but with the premium package. Have had it now for 3 weeks
now and love it. Try to find a car with all these options for the same
price. I did and nothing comes close. Check out my review on it

Cʟᴀᴜᴅíᴀ Zɪᴍᴍs says:

@solarlightning Why in hell would you pay that much for a car that looks
like a tampon? Lmao.

moderndesignworks says:

@solarlightning better warranty, quality and less recalls than Toyota these

hawkermustang says:

@w1i2n3k Cool, but I would save the 6g. As an economy car this seems good.

zungaloca says:

ficking beautfiul car..

NS says:

Hi, how is the wind and road noise at highway speeds ?

Brad James says:

This thing is hideous… That front end is beyond awful, and the rear end
is a Sorento/Sportage/Traverse copycat

iSabugasSec says:

im going to see this car to buy in 10 hours.

mimcomimco says:

kia rio or suzuki swift!!!!!!! hrmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

hikari94122 says:

Love my 2012 SX with premium package. Been 7 months now and still smile
when I get in it. Check out my review on it.

Eric Lounsberry says:

I dunno why I watch these. I don’t even have enough money to buy a used
car, as I’m only 16! :P

WoZIMoo says:

@solarlightning Most of the problems were known recalls from Toyota and
were almost all fixed under warranty. The car wasn’t a lemon but still
spent much more time in the shop than the Santa Fe, I don’t rely on
reliability ratings no more.

drei9 says:

really? by hw much is the price going to drop on a used one? im thinking of
getting this car. i think they kinda over priced it.

lee lewis says:

its look like volkswagen POLO

techdude6693 says:

If I were getting a Rio, this is exactly how I’d get it. SX in Blue w/
Premium package

imranazizii says:

Fiesta killer

Freddie Krueger says:

They did, but I see saw over 41mpg twice on a long drive, I don’t know if
that will hold as I put on more miles, I still really like the car and
would buy another for my wife if we had the money.

Rainer L says:

I use around 6.4 to 7.1 Litres average covering 62 miles = 100km On the
Country trip I get as good as 5.6 Litres per 62 Miles = 100km It’s average
driving. Hope it helps

adrian macias says:

This is the best car in its class!!!

Cʟᴀᴜᴅíᴀ Zɪᴍᴍs says:

@cb7pwn I know right. I had a JDM Supra and that came with everything too.

wtrdogg20 says:

Why there is people here talking about Supra in the comments for an entry
level car? C’mon!!

Carlos Monteiro says:

Its Nice!!

techdude6693 says:

@cb7pwn What 12K car comes with a TV Screen? Its just marketing dude. By
not having those things the base price is lower which draws in customers,
but of course they never actually send one like that to the dealers since
no one really wants them anyways. So people interested in base model of the
car will see it and decide they may as well spend the extra for the power
stuff thus making the companies a bit extra money

Brett Sullivan says:

whats better this, ford focus, or chevy cruze..

Rainer L says:

There is a top of the range Kia Reo Reborn SLS GDI with a 6 speed manual.
It appears the U.S has different options for this Vehicle to Australia. I
wished we had included with it a Sunroof and Navigation system. It’s a
wonderful very well designed and thought out practical, stylish, luxurious
Car with packed features. too many to mention. I think it is a Car hard to
beat. I have driven mine for 5 months and very happy with this Car and
recommend to anyone. Love the style too

hawkermustang says:

I can’t understand how this car can go from 14k to 21k? It makes no sense.
What is the 6 G option? LOL

RandyJM21 says:

Timing chain is a GREAT point freddie. I dint realize it and the review
should have mentioned this. Not just if it breaks but servicing every 70k
like on my sonata that you want to do to keep your warranty . I thought
hynudai/kia had issues with rating 40mpg and had to reduce it to 38?

Richard Rogers says:

those riiiiiiiiiiiiims

zungaloca says:

fuck usa this car is not expensive in their country and they dont buy it

ladyyuna2000 says:

i dont know which one to get the sedan or hatchback i like them both

techdude6693 says:

its not a bit more power. My Forte has 173HP/168 torque. That’s a lot more
than the rio’s 138/123 power figures. The Forte Hatch also has pretty much
25% extra cargo space and a bigger backseat. Not to mention there’s things
on the Forte you can’t get on the Rio like Auto A/C. I cross shopped both
and I would never buy a Rio over my Forte.

Cʟᴀᴜᴅíᴀ Zɪᴍᴍs says:

@solarlightning Yes, and a Camry will have more power and safety too.
$24,000 for a Versa seems pretty steep! What the heck were they offering
with it; a diamond encrusted steering wheel? ;D

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