2012 Kia Rio SX Hatchback Start Up, Exhaust, Test Drive, and In Depth Review

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Hello and welcome to Saabkyle04! YouTube’s largest collection of automotive variety! In today’s video, we’ll take an up close and personal, in depth look at …


Boujai12 says:

great looking car, but how durable?

Bro Lee says:

Looks like european style car

airplanemechanic says:

The Ford Fiesta blew this thing out of the water. Did you mention how Kia
almost got sued for lying about the MPG numbers for this car, to try to
keep up with Ford? This car was getting 33mpg, the Fiesta over 40.
Regularly. The new Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost gets 45mpg and has 145whp. It would
smoke this thing. I won’t even get into how badly the new Fiesta ST would
smoke it.

Miriel91 says:

nice review there. thumbs up

Matthew Bair says:

Same exact engine as the veloster

Noor Armughan says:

Thank you for detailed review

Saabkyle04 says:

Internet has been really lazy to Kyle for a while now, resulting in a delay
of uploads to a few days or maybe even a week. Hopefully it will improve
overtime. Anyway, for those who want a 40 MPG car that can get through
town, take a look at this vehicle. It received a major redesign for 2012
and I honestly love the improvements they made on it! I rode in a 2003-05
Rio Sedan 5 years ago when my mom rented one. Mom and I really didn’t like
it, but I think this next gen Rio has some serious potential! What do you
guys think of this redesigned Kia Rio Hatchback?
2012 Kia Rio SX Hatchback Start Up, Exhaust, Test Drive, and In Depth Review

Philip Anderson says:

boooo use key to start. :-(

PensandSteelersrock says:

It’s funny how this went from the cheapest and most basic car in America do

joanne61 says:

best in depth presentation i’ve seen for a long time…great car too. i
wouldn’t mind seeing an in depth look at the rio diesel, claimed 88 mpg.

skaur1169 says:

what’s the tire size?

suiram4u says:

The manual tranny is a far better choice

Sou lik says:

lovely car.

Mike S says:

Two more words: Fiesta killer.

menofat1 says:

lol “hp boosters”

AstonGTi says:

Looks kinda Renault-ish. Maybe a little SEAT-ish as well.

La Dashcam de Juan says:

11:21 is that your family dealership?? nice!

Shane Pettit says:

Ugly start up!

TheNOGarcia says:

so are you, fanboy :)

Mathias Braun says:

Is this your new car? Do you still own the Hyundai Genesis Coupé?

Mike S says:

You may hate their sound, but I like what they’ll do for my wallet.

aDAM Pineda says:

very nice review!

TheIceychill2 says:

I’m suprised this is his personal car

bongmistt says:

What a nice town you live in. :)

Atmos says:

I would get this over the Elantra.

ChemistryGeek97 says:

I agree I own a Hyundai and a Mitsubishi. I love the interior, the exterior
is good too.

andres valdes says:

sounds like a car of 60′s

serg2122 says:

just bought one sunday its tuesday and im averaging 35 mpg love it

Khalid Natsheh says:

Thanks alot :)

Demario Vaughn says:

I’m 16 and I wouldn’t mind this car as my first.

MarkoCarCollector says:


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