2012 Kia Rio review

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2012 Kia Rio Review The subcompact category is heating up and Kia brings a lot to the table with this very well appointed car. From www.motormouth.ca.


vira jet says:

that’s very expensive for a subcompact car

jnnycliff says:

no thanks, i’ll go with Corolla or civic for the price.

Elvira Orozco says:

Is it me or the car look small or he just very tall. lol :)

Siddharth Grover says:

the car produces 138 HP, not 148

suiram4u says:

good one :)

Dj Dunn says:

Shut up!!!!!!

Jim4575 says:

Very good to see the base model tested. It’s definitely is well equipped
for the money. Hyundai and Kia are really doing a great job bringing cars
with a great list standard equipment and great quality . Sorry you can’t
get a small car for $9,000 , the cars of the ’80 were cheap but not well
built , the dash on my sister’s ’85 Sundance was like steel and the rest
was poor quality !!

andersdenkend says:

You did this actually very well. The review I mean. Nice.

BRian Wong says:

u get soft plastic once u upgrade to EX trim

Motormouth Canada says:

@KING442DUNN No soft touch dash on the base hatch, which does cost over
$15,000 in canada, only the sedan version is cheaper.

ksearles85 says:

Why do you touch your dashboard? Is that a fetish thing?

david dykeman says:

480 P come on this is 2011, 720 P minimum. Love your show but I need HD.

Farouk Youssef says:

Good review thanks a lot from Montreal!

Mark Vaters says:

what he is driving is not the base model. It is the LX+ which is $1000 more
than he says it is. Still great value

geboinski i says:

I think the tag is just fine.

Stet17 says:

@Motormouthcanada Sorry about the delayed response. Try keywords that
people who would be interested in this review would type into the search
bar, such as 2012, kia, rio, subcompact, review, subcompact, test drive,
interior, exterior, and other stuff directly related to the car, instead of
the header for your review. Thanks for listening to my feedback.

GatorReels says:

@brendamxcn It’s a subcompact, so it’s pretty small and he’s fairly tall

Motormouth Canada says:

The same basic car, only the styling is different.

Stet17 says:

i think the accent has nicer styling. is it more fun to drive than the

DemoRadio says:

@everybody this car is over priced, small cars should mean small price.
Thats a $9,000 dollar car, maybe less. The cars of the 80′s were better
priced and better built… they should remake the 85′ Nissan Sentra great
little runner for $5,000 brand new… those were the good ol’ days…

ksearles85 says:

lol .. it was a joke, mate – relax.

Darek Nowak says:

Yeah, a really good one, review I mean. It’s a bit weird that steering
wheel doesnt telescope, it’s a standard in a basic model here in the EU.
Ohh, we don’t have cruise control, even in the top model.

schoolyardxgamerz says:

They didnt look at ot coppy VW!!! There new head designer use to be the
head designrt for audi

Motormouth Canada says:

Can you give me an example of the kinds of tags to use?

photographerjonathan says:

in Thailand the Rio has a 1.4 engine and sells for $25.000 but has a nice
two tone leather interior, and you might think the price is crazy, but the
fiesta and fit are pretty similar in price hear

filoIII says:

100000km warranty is 60000 mi. That’s standard powertrain w/ them all .

Komang Ariantha says:

This car, looking nicer than picanto,…

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