2012 KIA Rio Review & Drive

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http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2012 KIA Rio swims in a crowded pool of tough competition. The new Rio competes with such fun cars as the Fiat 500 and such cle…


Kia Motors Worldwide says:

Tell us what you like about Kia Rio! Is there too much to talk about? Then
watch the speedy seven review of Rio and make your decision!
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Shile Oguntade says:

me likey

caezar1993 says:

for Americans these cars are probably small compared to those they are used
to driving, but driving immense cars in cities where the roads are good is
nonssense, and those 4×4 and the other big cars spend a lot of gas,
spending all the petrol they produce. No saving at all, and 0 compromise
with the environment. Useless to have a car which is almost a bus when you
don’t live in the mountains, toyotas, hyundais, nissans, etc, are just
right and comfotable to have in a city, aren’t they?

espaguetyboi says:

kia is made by koreans not japs..

anderwan says:

Nathan stuck the heck out of that landing at the end. Looks like fun!



Keegan says:

“But this car has a 10 year, 10,000 miles warranty, and it looks frickin’
good!” Plus you can fit a body in the trunk. :D

Connor Olivardia says:

hehe , i live in florida , tons of oxygen rich , heavy , humid air for that
car to suck in , i would say the zero-sixty is going to be acurate if not
better that posted(if you know how to launch it)

Dirk Diggler says:

Great review…just subscribed to the channel

Keegan says:

@MrKurt1962 I agree with Roman. The higher you go, the thinner the air
gets. So particularly if you have a naturally aspirated engine, it’ll have
to work harder, therefore using more horses to run than to devote to say,
speeding up as quickly as possible.

Gaz Murphin says:

dude thats not even the full options type ur driving

WesSeid says:

@gene978 Maybe. My friend just bought a Hyundai Accent over all those other
cars. The main competitor to the Hyundai Accent was the Hyundai Elantra.
With similar options and 16″ wheels and bluetooth, etc, the Accent was
basically a little lower on horsepower, (but a little lighter), had a
couple less inches of space inside and in the trunk, and was about $1500
cheaper. They even look similar. Other than Mazda2, other cars’ prices jump
if getting the 5-door.

GoWfan86 says:

True, they need it, but Toyota probably won’t majorly update the Yaris or
Corolla again for a while, I think. Both the Yaris and Corolla probably
still have maybe two to three years left in their current crappy designs
(Yaris is “new” for MY2012, Corolla was “refreshed” in MY2011). I think the
Fit’s fine, but I also think it’s safe to say Honda flopped on the 2012
Civic. When the Holy Bible of Honda drivers, Consumer Reports, calls a
Civic a “considerable fumble,” that says something.

thelollerchef says:

they didn’t say it was japanese. They were saying that it competes with
Japanese cars, and that the Koreans learned how to make a small car feel
big inside, like the Japanese. I thought he was saying they were Japanese
at first, but he was just talking a little fast.

hikari94122 says:

I have looked around at ford, honda, mazda, , and if you add up all the
stuff you can get on the rio as in leather seats, sun roof, backup camera,
power side mirrors ( turns in and out ) nav, soft dash, push button start,
key less entry and an awesome warranty , the fit, fiesta, and the mazda2
can’t touch it for the price. This is the bottom line car they reviewed .
The sx is the top of the line. With the added stuff tops out at $20,745.
Not bad.

pillowsnake94 says:

That was good timing sliding in on that ending.

dunti21 says:

Ever heard of a handbrake? It a lever that you pull and the back brakes
tighten. If you pull it hard enough, the back wheels lock, and the back
slides out.

Jeremy Wong says:

the kias now are nice lookin and great quality!

cbattz says:

@romanmicagearguy please oh please can you review either the new range
rover evoque or a range rover supercharged? the second one is my favorite
car and the evoque is up there. your reviews are getting better and better
and i really want to see what you would think about them

Peter McMullin says:

Where do you think designers come from – thin air? Who designs AUDI now?
The fact is Kia makes better cars and they look better too! Honda’s and
Toyota’s are coming around with their designs… but they’ve been looking
pretty ugly the last few years.

DoYouThinkForUrselF says:

could be …..but gm just put out the sonic, handles better than this kia

amanda n says:

I’ve had this car a little over a year (EX version), traded it from a 2009
lancer gt, it does lack the horse power of other cars i have driven but i
love this car, not a problem drives great, awesome gas millage, if your to
buy this car get the UVO package well worth the extra money. KIA has
steeped up its game

hiphopknights says:

that’s one cool car!

thebransan says:

great review, thanks a lot.

brywillfraz says:

that was an awesome review! good job guys!

FrancineRA1970 says:

I read in a magazine that this car is the same as a Hyundai. Does that mean
they compete with each other directly? Is there a business case for that?
This Kia is much better looking than the Hyundai, but do they drive the
same? Great video guys!

yellowcow13 says:

One problem with your review. You compare the car to the Japanese while
ignoring the better cars in the class, the American car. Fiesta, easily the
best balance of ride, handling, and quality with fantastic tech features
and MPG with cool looks. Sonic, turbo, best in class power, good looks, and
its unique.

thomas3463 says:


kevrod71 says:

Would you rather drive this or the Fiat 500 up to Estes Park?

fanfinmiami says:

don’t use green…use the traditional red for the titles

MrBuzzialdrin says:

@gene978 ya but i dont care for the current civic or corolla.. i have
driven the rio…it looks expensive inside out because the VW engineer
designed it….just the steering is light when in the parking lot.

racers115 says:

looks like a 2008 Suzuki Reno with a different grille on it.

Bradley Curnow says:

Plus about 300kg of man ballast.

thebenstrong says:

great review fellas. enjoyed the high energy. y’all should do more like

haidarin25 says:

Why this guy like child and ligh

MRBmsk0 says:

you are so funny!)))

Paul Hawkins says:

Really good mileage he says? Well the 1.1 Diesel available in Europe does
94 MPG, yes you read that right 94 miles per gallon!

itzmando says:

Isnt honda now going to have direct injection on most of their line-up for
the next model yr. I would really like to see the figures, remember
competition can excel or surpass Kia and Hyundai since its time for a new
redesign for Honda’s model. :D

Trent Jackson says:

I LIKE those wheels.

d3adv3nom says:

ITS KOREAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nathan adlen says:

@D41H4T5U You’re right of course; European models with diesels are much
more efficient. But those miles per gallon are smaller “Imperial” gallons.
It would translate into around 60 mpg here. Cars that are sold in the
United States are subject to extreme weight gain (safety requirements) and
engine choking (environmental requirements). So, cars sold here are much
less thrifty. As a consequence, a 32 mpg combined is considered okay.
Thanks for watching!

Tabor Talley says:

i like it…but its too slow

valiumland says:

I do happen to notice that the two of you delightful gentlemen can rarely
manage to accelerate a vehicle to 60 mph in under 13 seconds. This
perplexes me! I wonder if you are being supplied defective vehicles.

Brian Keh says:

good hp on that tiny car

Keegan says:

To everyone who’s complaining about or questioning the 0-60 time, Roman is
right. I mean, I’m no technician or mechanic, but even I know that the
higher you go, the thinner the air gets. So therefore, particularly if you
have a naturally aspirated engine, it makes the engine work harder, robbing
horsepower to just run effectively instead of, say, speeding up as quickly
as possible.

david truong says:

they conduct these tests on high altitudes, so results are different.

nathan adlen says:

@D41H4T5U Great point – and I meant to say that the US gallon was the
smaller of the two – this is what happens when I type after feasting. Add
to your point the incredibly cheap gas in the US and low tax … it’s still
an easy place to drive less efficient vehicles. Thanks for the comment and
thanks for watching!

Shawn Hall says:

I expect Honda and Toyota to update their compact / sub-compact entries in
the very near future. They’ll have to. The competition from Ford
(Focus/Fiesta), Kia (Soul/Rio), Chevy (Cruze/Sonic), Mazda (3/2) and
Hyundai (Elantra/Accent) collectively is kicking their ass.

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