2012 Kia Rio Review

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Transformed Rio has much to offer and makes sure you take notice. With a company reputation and nameplate that is often scrutinized, the old Kia Rio could ea…


Mahwah Kia says:

2012 Kia Rio Review.

zaz0ooo says:

great review dude straight to the point ,thanks a million SUBSCRIBING

willo kia Rio says:

0.30 its Optema NOT a Rio!!

Swaggawagon223 says:

@32 seconds they show an optima?

plokoonpma says:

Nice review!

SweetWife84 says:

SERIOUSLY, why did theDRIVERSSEAT got a white one and they gave this
DARK-CHOCOLATE color to him?

Benjamin He says:

Just like fiesta

moh97gt says:

he didn’t tell us what is the price of the SX ???

Alexandre Lebeau says:

I prefer the hatchback version we get in Europe, nice review btw

Ben Dayan says:

like for hot blonde in the porsche at 3:08

Nathan Kendall says:

We also get a hatchback here as well, however it is called the Rio5.

walkthepark says:

great looking car, never thought brown could look so good on a car! great

veedubbcubb says:

Umm at :33 is that an optima hybrid? Doesn’t look like a rio to me.

Hedar Dafer says:

كم سعرها

jlostracco says:

where in toronto is the graffiti area??

Jello Shot says:

So he hates Toyota but thinks that Kia is a step in the right direction?
This guy is the poster child of lost credibility.

Philip Arzaga says:

this is my choice car. thats why im enjoy driving my kia rio. fuel

Amir Budiman says:

I dont like it. Kia and hyunday cars are not reliable. Taxi drivers in my
country have proved it.

steven pierre says:

Kia Rio model is Amazing,.. So sexy..

Unplugged Boy says:

u guys need to black out or cgi out the license plate numbers…

whatdoesstthefoxxsaay says:

Guys how reliable is the rio ? I’m thinking about buying it but i’m afraid
that after some time it is going to start breaking up

igotwhips says:

911 Turbo Cabriolet pulls up beside him at 3:06

MacSaab93 says:

I like him…great review.

SweetWife84 says:

almost $20k for a smallest KIA is outrages

order9066 says:

@2:27…that’s when you know your 1.6 is slooooooooooooooooooooooow. Add
some passengers and turn on the AC….super slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

moon jo says:

hey i can see my house!

mx5hong says:

Wow, the brown leather interior looks very classy. Not sure if that combo
is available in the US. I also notice the auto climate control which is not
available in the US.

Yung Chan Jin says:

Fuel effiency Great style Nice performance High level safety^^

ricebag says:

gawd damn you get leather seats and only starts at 13k??! OUTRAGEOUS

elnick1000 says:

i bought a 2011 back in September 2012, with 40,000 on it. A year later, I
have to take it in for a second time since then because of engineer warning
light. The car also drives roughly. I have now 55,000, and it is the worst
car I have ever had. My 97 Saturn, which I bought back then new, as a far
better car, I had to finally get rid of it in 2012, with 240,000 on it, and
never had problems with it below 60,000.

vanthanong THAMMANAM says:

20,000 $ in my country

ASAWProductions says:

leather is not standard…..

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